Client Side Interface -- Customizable in game widgets

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Feedback: I feel the current ingame HUD is lacking customization, which can sometimes detract from playing the game. I feel that a games controls and interface should feel as natural and non-intrusive as possible.

I would like to have the ability to have a bit more client side customization on the interface while playing in game.

I think the ability to remove, hide, move, and resize parts of the interface (rather than it being a solid block on the bottom) would give me more space for the actual game. For example, I would like to be able to hide the portrait and have all of the other functional parts of the interface be individual widgets that I can do what I want with.
Since this is my first suggestion for a more customizable client side interface, I thought I would get all of that out of the way.

Additional Widgets:
In Game Timer
One widget I would like to see is the ability to add in game countdown timers to my interface, simple timers with a label, and some start/reset button. I would like to be able to tie the reset/start to a hotkey (number pad, most likely), and have them make a sound when they hit zero. I currently use a real timer for this purpose.

This would allow me to easily remind myself when an enemy champion is about to respawn, so I could call MIA if they don't show up promptly in the lane.

This would also make it easier to maintain control of the dragon/baron during games. By resetting the appropriate timer when they are killed.

Scriptable buttons/hotkeys
Many games have a mini macro/scripting system that lets you make customized buttons or hotkeys to do some basic things.

Examples of this are (A script to...): a certain item,or a certain list of items in order
...cast a certain string of spells (might not be best for LoL)
...say certain chat (could be abused in an annoying fashion)
...activate a list of active ability items certain things with *wait* clauses in between them
...a script to play a custom sound when a certain event happens (monster reappears on the minimap, for example)

Not saying that scripts are the best for this game, and this isnt too high of a priority in my opinion, but I do think more customizable widgets would add a lot to the game. I don't have too many specific ideas, but I thought I would toss the idea out there and see what other players could come up with.

If anyone has any ideas for helpful in game widgets, please post!

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Anything that actually affects your charactor in game gives you an unfair advantage. I feel like an actually customizable HUD would be better were you could design your HUD layout pregame time.

And have what you were talking about, for communication purposes only though.