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What should the time penalty for leaving during Champion select be?

3 minutes the first time then 15 minutes the second time 450 35.89%
0 minutes then the first time then 10 minutes the second time 538 42.9%
7 minutes every time 266 21.21%
Voters 1254 .

Champion select leaving

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This thread is big and old but i believe that penalty for leaving during champion select should not be penalized. There should be a better system about not matching up with specific people. I sometimes like to group but am always ready to jump into a random game, but if there is someone i know I do not want to play with again then I shouldn't be penalized for not wanting to do that.

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the top and bottom choices both advocate an initial penalty and to some extent that should out weigh the leavers who are voting for a zero initial penalty as someone said in the first page two if you leave a zero penalty option available it will be used quite frequently.

If you get the double leave penalty in what ever option you choose the cooldown should be 12 hours. I.E. if you've left twice in the last 12 hours you're still in the window to catch the double penalty on the next leave.