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[Guide] My BFF Soraka

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Tetrall Mors

Senior Member


hmmm - I disagree with this build whole-heartedly, and I mean no disrespect but here are a few of the issues with it.

shoes first is a rule with me, usually either swiftness, mobility, or Mercs depending on how the game is going.

1. no CD reduction.

two items I think are nessicary for a soraka build are Soul Shroud and Frozen Heart. This gives you a massive CD reduction, and has two auras that are great for teamfights. It also GREATLY helps with surviablity and makes you both a threat

2. no surviablity

you don't want to be blowing your ultimate to save your own bacon. For even greater surviability the next item you should buy is a Ryla's Scepter. This will give you a minor slow on starcall and will begin to buff your AP.

4. More AP.

Now you have your surviablity, you can get more with an RoA, or your fighting a caster-heavy team or have a caster or two of your won. Get an abyssal scepter. Zonya's ring I am NOT a fan of because it's honestly never really worth building by the time you can build it.

Another good option if your having trouble knocking people down is to get a lichbane so you can contribute some DPS through autoattack/starcall. It also gives added mobility and MR, both things that are good for additionally survivabiliy.

also - to get these items, max star call early take one or two levels of heal and max mana heal/silence second. With CD reduction items you should be more than able to keep a lane mate alive with heavy star-call harrassment and one level of heal, two if your having trouble.

With this set-up you should be more than an problem during all phases of the game. Early because your star-call can harrass, and late because your an AoE spammable slow, CD reducing, auto-attack gimping, HP fat, devestating monster who's mere existance during a team-fight causes the auto attacking pansy's to quake and who's healing and silence is a hard counter to the silly nukers who use up all their cannons in one fat shot.

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I personally think you are waiting to long to get the scepter (but at least I am not the only soraka that does get it) as the best thing about it is the slow and if you wait till late game to get it then its pointless. I normally strive to get an item that I can do without but would be a great help for my end-game "might get" item...but thats just me. I also don't think it would be possible to get past level 14-16 in a normal time game without starcall at the start. Well I know for a fact it won't happen unless you lane by yourself but then you are wasting your champions talent.

I also think the ring (as other do) should come after the locket and another big AP item or two. Without a decent amount of AP to make it good the ring is just dead weight. My last comment is I believe you are trying to put to much into one build and it hinders the whole thing. Scepter is a nice item if it is one of your key things but you are going ring, staff, scepter, locket, and armor. My point is you are lacking other items to boost the ones you have. Such as if you are going locket I suggest getting cd-reduction to make it shine but if you get frozen heart to do so I would kick the armor and scepter for something else.

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Junior Member



r - wish

soraka heals all her bffs at once. (200% ap)

lolol so much so much xD

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Senior Member


Rylais should be just about the only ap item you get soraka. Soraka should always be built tank, she is one of (imo bar cho the best) tank in the game (unless enemy team is full of stuns and silences, like alot).

When I die in a game as soraka I am very dissapointed, and I think heal/flash soraka is one of the best ways to build her, flash is semi optional but heal is not, its like a mini-ulti in a teamfight, I've turned the tide of many.

Getting pure AP items as soraka is stupid. She shouldn't be a damage dealer and if she tries to then she just dies very very fast. Want a damage dealing caster? Go ryze. Want them to support as well? Zilean or kayle.
Soraka = tank. CD reduction is a must, in all my games I get at least soul shroud and spirit visage, greatly increase her heals/sec.