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Why do I see the same champions over and over?

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You see them because those are all of the most successful carry heroes, and every team requires one to win. (the exception on your list is TF, who's just awesome).

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Auroros Osprey

Senior Member


personally, i play them because they are styled to my liking. minus twitch because i hate him with a passion.

Katrina is a ninja. ninjas = awesome

Tryndamere is a beefy guy with a beefy sword. whats not to love?

Gankplank is a pirate. pirates = awesome

Teemo is adoreable.

Ashe shoots ice arrows, which is awesome.

Tristana weilds a cannon nearly twice her size. thats some fire power i want.

Master Yi is a samurai. samurais = awesome

Twisted Fate is just a bad ***.

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Senior Member


Teemo looks like a moogle, hence why I love him so.

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Katarina is fun

Trynd is OP

Gangplank brings in the Mad Crits

Teemo has LOTS of map control if played properly and is adorable

Ashe easy to understand and very good carry

Tristana brings in mad dps

TF godly map control and ganking skillz

Twitch does bursty group damage if unchecked.

Which is why they are all popular!

Katharina is op, trynd is very strong and probably the most badass from RP
Because many people use Ashe if they suck and they get decent stats with her because its easymode

Tristana, big cannon & ranged

TF&Twitch .. well..

I think Gangplank gets used because of that ultimate.

A number of the champions you named are free to play champions on the current rotation. As we get a couple months deeper into this season, people will unlock more and you'll see more variation.