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Solo on the rakas.

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It's funny, I promise. The title of the thread. Hilarious.
Anyways, guide. Here we go!

Because you can. Yes, really. Soraka is capable of soloing. Potentially capable of soloing, I should say. This will only work when you're not a great player, playing against other players that aren't great. At that level, the characters are a lot less rigid in design, allowing Goatlady to be an effective solo hero. Don't even bother reading this if you consistently play decent opponents, because nothing here will apply to you.

This build intends to allow you to solo early in the game, and become the support dynamo everyone knows and loves late in the game.

Why again:
If nobody on your team feels capable of soloing, or someone disconnects (thus forcing another solo hero on your team), you can volunteer. And be successful. Yep. I think it's successful 'cause it's so unexpected and random.

Summoner skills:
You need, need, Rally. You will not succeed without Rally. After that, I like Teleport, to make sure that if you need to retreat your lane isn't unguarded for long and so you can get around quickly to support major pushes later in the game. You don't need Teleport, so if there's something else that's got you enamored go for that, but... Teleport is my bro, dawg.

Skill allocation:
You're gonna want one point in Astral Blessing first, to make sure you have the power to stay in the lane. After that, you want one in Infuse, once again to aid your durability. After that, put a point into Starcall whenever you can (unless Wish is available, or you're really strapped for mana and need another point into Infuse). One point in AB should last you 'til your other skills are full if you know your limits and get out of the way in time.

Leet strats:
On the very first wave of minions, the first ones, the ones that are spawned when the game tells you that it's now spawning minions, use Rally. It'll give you a big advantage quick, allowing you to lay back, auto-attack, and eat up some free experience. If you're not taking damage, feel free to use AB on your minions. 35 Defense and 90 Health can go a long way on a minion in the beginning of the game, lettin' 'em take two or three more hits. When you're ready to start pushing forward in your lane, make sure you kill the opponents minions slowly, so several groups of your minions start to gather up. Being that you're pretty weak and have terrible attack speed, your minions are the only way you're going to be knocking towers down.

Mana Manipulator first. It increases staying power, and that it absolutely what you need. Honestly, the items you need aren't any different from playing the usual 'Raka, so just use this infinitely superior guide's (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=28123) item section.

Masteries and runes:
Again, anything that increases survivability early in the game. For Masteries, you're gonna want to go through the Defensive tree and grab anything that reduces the damage you take. You're not going to be level 30 if you're using this guide, so I'm not going to tell you how to allocate 30 points. If it doesn't directly reduce the damage you take or increase your armor/resist/dodge chance, don't take it. As far as runes go, you're gonna want the flat rate ones, instead of the ones that scale with your character so you'll have, recurring theme here, survivability early in the game. Defense, Magic Resist, and Health are what you want. Anything that makes you more durable is desirable.

Arrite, have fun, dudes.

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Just because you can solo mid, doesn't mean you should.

I would be incredibly pissed if a Soraka took solo over a DPS carry who actually requires farming and a level advantage to be useful.

But then again, you already mentioned this is for lower Elo brackets

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rofl, whatever team allows Soraka to solo mid first is silly!!

Granted, her ulti is great. But, in a game where who ever pushes the fastest in the beginning *usually* wins, you need power.

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eh... if i chose soraka in a practice game, i'd prolly ask for mid solo.