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[Pool of Spells/Skills]

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Red Wine

Senior Member


[Disguise] - By transforming in to a random enemy champion on the battlefield, minions and turrets will not attack the user. Disguise wears off the moment the user does any action other then moving or duration is up.
Level 1 ; 3 seconds
Level 2 ; 4 seconds
Level 3 ; 5 seconds
Level 4 ; 6 seconds
Level 5 ; 7 seconds
12 second cooldown all levels
Range ; 550

[Magic Bomb] - This is a single target nuke and will deal Magic Damage + Effect of the last skill/spell that the user has been hit with.
Level 1 ; 12 second cooldown, 100 damage + (ap x .5)
Level 2 ; 11 second cooldown, 150 damage + (ap x .5)
Level 3 ; 10 second cooldown, 200 damage + (ap x .5)
Level 4 ; 9 second cooldown, 250 damage + (ap x .5)
Level 5 ; 8 second cooldown, 300 damage + (ap x .5)
Range ; 600

[Switch a'roo] - With a snap of a finger, one unlucky enemy unit/champion will instantly switch places with the caster.
Level 1 ; 25 second cooldown, 700 range
Level 2 ; 22 second cooldown, 650 range
Level 3 ; 19 second cooldown, 600 range
Level 4 ; 16 second cooldown, 600 range
Level 5 ; 13 second cooldown, 600 range

[Ground Pound] - The user leaps straight in to the air and comes down hard on an enemy's head and buries them in the ground. The enemy when in the ground can not move, attack, cast any skills/spells, nor take any damage until freed.

[Vault Kick] - The user kicks off the ground and flies forward knocking back anyone in the way. The enemy being knocked away acts like a bowling ball and anyone that the 'bowl ball' hits will be damaged and slowed.