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So when can we expect to see the AP ratio on Sion nerfed?

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It's kind of interesting, because I feel like Riot is playing AP ratio whack-a-mole. They nerfed Sion, then Teemo, and now Kass. Each time they took down a primary nuke down .2 in AP ratio.

Now that other champs have been hit by the AP nerf bat, 1.0 is the new 1.2. AP Sion starts looking more attractive as a caster now, especially with Void Staff. I do agree, if you can find it in your team to bring down the shield in 4 sec (less, because he has to be in range for you to hit him, and a good Sion won't start the shield in range if he's planning on popping it in your face), then can counter it. But in a team fight, spending your dps on bringing down a shield doesn't seem optimal...

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So Sion is OP because?
-Useless after stun shield combo
-Useless in team fights
-Shield is easily bursted down in group fights

best advice when laning against Sion.. Don't be so scared of his shield. When he charges you.. blow it up! then hes useless with no form of defensive capabilities.

i never said sion in general is overpowered, but the shield itself has too high an AP ratio which i think deserves lowering to .8

a champion that is not OP =/= a perfectly balanced champion
he may need some changes in other areas, possibly buffs to some, but i also feel he needs a slight nerf to the shields AP ratio