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Lizard/golem buff

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Just curious what exactly this is, just unlocked Pantheon and was going through a guide and it mentions these, i then started to notice it in other places. what exactly is this and how do i use it well?

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Each side of the river has a lizard buff (red) and a golem buff( blue) (which means 2 red and 2 blue in are available) they are held by strong neutral minions in the jungle. By killing the minion you obtain the buff for a set amount of time. If someone kills you the buff passes along to them.

Red buff is best for AD carries (generally any auto-attack champ) it causes your auto-attacks to slow the target as well as provides a little extra damage.

Blue buff is best for casters or any AP champ. It reduces the cooldowns on abilities as well as provides massive mana regen.

Some champs (hybrids) make great use of both buffs. Often times, it is only needed to grab one or the other so that someone else on your team can make use of the other one. Unless you are a champ with mana problems, or you auto-attack a lot, then just grab them ^_^

Hope this helped

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You'll want to look at this thread (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=269318). It has all the answers you want.

Specifically this:


Some neutrals give buffs to the killer when they're slain. These buffs can be very helpful to get the upper hand in battles, and to quickly execute ganks. If the champion who posesses the buffs dies, they're transfered to the killer.

Blue buff (from golem): gives 25% Cooldown Reduction. Increases mana regeneration by 2,5% of max mana per sec. Increases Energy regeneration by 1,5% of max energy per sec. lasts 150 sec.

Red buff (from lizard): Gives 20% slow on hit. Grants a damage over time, based on champion level. Don't have exact formula but it's 20 damage per sec at level 5 and 30 at level 10. Seems to always be a multiple of 5. Doesn't increase each level. lasts 150 sec

Purple Buff (Baron Nashor): 40 dmg and 40 AP. 1% hp and mana reg every 3 sec. lasts 3 min

Attached is a map of the neutral monsters locations.

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Actually somnium is putting the level 18 cooldown reduction up on blue buff, the cdr grows as you level, it's not always 25%

Also red buff applies that damage over time, I believe five seconds doing 20-50 (if I remember right) each second