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How about summoner spell feedback?

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I don't even give a ****, this game is ****ing useless right now.

Lol! Look, they all have promote and 2-3 healers, with heal summoner spell. Hey look you lose in 10 minutes because promote is ****ing bull****.

LoL is ruined.

I love this bull**** where a ****ty premade takes 5 promotes, goes against a team of 5 randoms and crushes because of minions.

Remove promote, find a solution.

As it is, LoL is ruined from one aspect.

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the stance of riot and the forum community is pretty much "deal with it", they don't seem to realize that the typical 5 random player team can not always choreograph their summoner spells and champion selection to effectively counter all enemy team strategies in a blind pick game.