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Rylai's Scepter question

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Does Rylai's Scepter effect stacks with abilities slow effect (exemple : Nunu's snowball) ?

And since its not an ''unique'' passive, am I right to assume it can stacks together ?

Thank you

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From the FAQ on the Strategies forum:

Q: Do slows stack?

A: No. What happens is that if you are affected by two slows, the most effective one takes affect first. After that wears off, if there is a weaker slow on you, it will take affect then. As an example:

Singed drops his Goo and you run through it (we'll say it slows for 30% for 5 seconds). At the same time, you are hit by Nunu's snowball (we'll say it slows for 50% for 3 seconds). It would play out as follows:

1st second - 50% slow
2nd second - 50% slow
3rd second - 50% slow
4th second - 30% slow
5th second - 30% slow

Note that although you have the debuff from Singed's Goo on you the entire time, the ONLY slow with impact on your movement was Nunu's snowball. When it wore off between the 3-4 second mark, THEN Singed's Goo takes affect.