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Looking for Quints

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Just hit level 30 and hey, 3.2k IP saved up (planning on getting a new champ soonish).

Can't decide what quint to buy though.

I main Rammus, but want to get away from pure tank and more into DPS and support. I've already unlocked Garen and Tarric and was thinking about buying Trynd (I also sometimes play Lux, with whom I sux, or Sona), and used to main Vlad before I moved to an ELO where I was no longer viable with him.

So the question is what Quint do I buy that has good usability on these champions? Currently, I have two Movement Quints b/c everyone always needs more movement, but I'm not sure the 3rd movement is worth it for anyone but Garen (who I used to play as a tank, but want to try playing as a carry).

Flat health is nice for everyone, but for the tankier characters, not strictly necessary.

I was also thinking about Dodge since I have a full set of Dodge seals and usually run at least that deep in the defense tree.

I would prefer to buy one mostly useful quint to one that's ideal for one champion but worthless for others since those suckas cost a ton and I like to switch it up.