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Simple Udyr Build

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Build and Play Udyr like a Jungle Ganking Warwick. Passive Spells I used for these multiple game were a smite and Heal. My rune page was 20% crit(max) and put your masteries in what you think would be good for jungle ganking. Won't go over what I put, to long.

First you can get the Tiger Stance or the Bear Stance. Get your first item Vampiric Scepter.(Later you will use this for the BloodThirst) You will keep going back and forth leveling up those 2 skills until max. Once max you will put the rest in the turtle aspect.

And you just go through the jungle level up on neutral creeps if you see an opposing hero low on helath go try to gank it. Get into bear form try to get close behind and if you strike it, the hero will be stunned then you switch to the tiger stance right after the stun and you kill that opposin hero with who ever else is in your lane. Then go back to jungling

Anyway the items I got in this order all 3 times.(I've tested this three times). Vampiric Scepter, Madrids razor(jungling), boots of swiftness, BlackCleaver, Witsend, Madrids bloodrazor, BloodThirst and then If your game last long enough Infinity Edge.

2 out of the 3 games my final scores




This is the only build I found that will actually be consistant due to the jungling and the ganking. Please leave some feedback if you like/tried it and how it worked out for you or if you have another build for udyr. Trying to figure this char out before they buff him.

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Junior Member


Wouldn't it be easier to just use Jungle Warwick?

/sarcasm off.

I will def. try this in a practice game, because i wouldn't want to ruin my teams game cus of the underpowered Udyr.