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[SKIN] Idea

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I wana show other players how good/experienced I am with certain champions. I know everyone has their sucky-asss moments with their favorite champion. Being called "noob" when i'm playing my favorite champion upsets me, and lowers my overall morale throughout the game.

So i'd like to suggest some kind of "visual upgrade" for the champion that i've played so many times.

It's similar to gaining achievements. ONLY UNLOCKABLE THROUGH WINS (not amount of games played)


Summoner Bob played Ezreal and won 100 times with him so he gets an Ezreal "accessory". it can be something subtle like a different style of shirt, different pulse cannon etc.

Bob then continues to play Ezreal and ends up with 1000 wins with ezreal and he unlocks "Veteran Ezreal" super epic accessories.

These upgrades should only be available and upgradable on the Default Skin so that players will have the incentive of playing X champion a lot more.

So yea.. that's kinda my idea. Main reasons why I want this to happen?

- It'll give players a reason to play the champion so that they can showcase their "Veteran" status on the loading screen and during the game.
- It'll promote respect between players. no more "OMFG EZREAL NOOB! UNINSTALL!
- Give players to play the game even more.
- Achievements are always fun!

EDIT 1: Unlockables should only be through the default skin. And these unlockable should be subtle changes. *unless you win 2000 times with X champion. Subtle yet RECOGNIZABLE. subtle enough that Buyable skins are still a better option.

EDIT 2: Can only unlock 3 times.
at 100 , 500, 1000 Wins with X champion

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thing is, most people arent going to play a champion that many times, let alone win with them either