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Another version of what Karma should of been (?)

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this is just a rough, I could probably finish this depending on how many people like the idea

So, for one, part of what makes a character visually appealing seems to be how much skin they're showing. I figured she's using fans, what's common for using fans? A dancer, so tried to put some of that aesthetic here. I kept her decorum, but instead made it a sleeveless dress (that shows shoulder for it comes up in the front to her choker where it's held) I also made some light fabric strings go from the wristband to the back of the belt (which I got that from new karma I admit, but it works well done black/white.)

I think somewhere past the knees should be some slit, whether it be in front or to the side I'm not sure, but I kinda had to. It gives that show more skin, without being provocative in any sense of the word. I would imagine the footwear being sandals with criss-crossed clothe coming up from it. I didn't want to take too much time on a rough fixing the feet/legs so I didn't.

As for the head. I think two small strands for bangs off the side helped the image, though that could be removed. The high rise knot of hair in that cloth isn't usually considered 'hot' so I put it in a hairnet to look similar, while having two pins that look like the ribs of her fans coming out the side of her hair.

any thoughts, suggestions or whatnot and if I get enough I could probably do a finished piece.

(I got the idea when reading all the posts on http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3286685)

edit: How come whenever I post an image, it never shows up? D: