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2010 Solomid Showdown - Tournament

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Man Dinh

The Council


SIGN UP AT Solomid.net/Forums (http://solomid.net/forums/index.php?/topic/301-the-2010-solomid-showdown/). SIGN UPS CLOSE DECEMBER 18, 2009


1st Place Team
6,500 Riot Points per member (worth $50)

2nd Place Team
3,250 Riot Points per member (worth $25)

3rd Place Team
3,250 Riot Points per member (worth $25)

MVPS throughout the tournament will recieve a 10 dollar gift card to any restaurant.

Best Ganker will recieve a 10 dollar gift card to any restaurant.

The 2010 Solomid ShowDown

Qualifiers - The preseason qualifier will be held as a single-elimination tournament. The top eight teams will be initially seeded based on the average elo of their starting 5 players. All other teams will be seeded randomly.

Placing in this qualifier will directly correspond to seeding in the 2010 SoloMid ShowDown.


1. Rules are subject to change, check often for updates
2. Exploits are banned: mastery bugging, mundo baron, stacking creeps etc.
3. Intentional exploiting will result in removal from the tournament


1. Matches are best of 3
2. Matches are to be scheduled upon agreement between team captains
3. Matches must be scheduled before the report deadline
4. Team captains should post the agreed match time on forums
5. All matches must be played back to back
6. To report a finished match, both teams must post screenshots of the end-game screens
7. If a team is ready to play, but the opposing team is not ready by 15 minutes past match time, take a screenshot of your team in practice game with a veritable timestamp


1. Teams are expected to verify eligibility of players on both teams (Screenshot)
2. Playing with ineligible players will result in a forfeit
3. Rosters are locked from the start of the tournament
4. A team’s roster will consist of 1 captain, 4 players, and 3 subs for a total of 8


1. Ban Drafting: 1-1-1-1
2. Pick Drafting: 1-2-2-2-2-1
3. Bans are global
4. Picks are exclusive
5. You are not required to state your summoner spells/runebook/masteries
6. No more than 5 minutes can be spent respeccing after champion picks are finished
7. Higher seeded team is home team, lower seed is away.
8. 1st match: Home team bans first and picks second
9. 2nd match: Away team bans first and picks second
10. 3rd match: Home team bans first and picks second

Team Post Format:

Team Name: All or Nothing (AoN)

Team Captain: Reginaid ( Elo rating of 2300)


Dan (elo 2000)
Dyrus ( elo 2200)
TakashiX (elo 2200)
Last Hit Magic (elo 2000)

Average Elo= 2180

Subs: Chixy,Benjamin, Bobthetomato

Sign up:

Create a topic: ( Team NAME for title)

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Five Starters:
Three Subs:

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Senior Member


Hokuten Gaming will be participating, Xate will get all of the information for the signup promptly. Consider this a free bump.