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How do i climb out?

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Desperate Izzy



so in the case that i get afk's or noobs, i'd say "we have a disadvantage, but we can still win if we work together."

but in the case that i get some idiot--not a noob--just an idiot, "yea the game's lost."

in most of my ranked games i get some idiot. the difference between a noob and an idiot is at least the noob wants to learn to play, wherein the idiot is just, well, and idiot. the idiot is the type of person that won't take your advice, won't listen to your pings, is going to disregard that although he is the tank he'll stay behind the entire team because he doesn't want to be the initiator or die...ugh! most of the time i get some idiot! -_- how am i suppose to carry an idiot, i can carry noobs, that's not a problem but the second i get some idiot who keeps getting caught despite having warded the map, despite the 100 pings pinged at him/her to retreat, despite the pleases and thank you's being used...yea you know what i'm talking about...

any advice? thanks!