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Runes for Ranked Help

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Right now I have 4 rune pages. I main jungle but I want to have a setup where I can play every position if there ever is a “jungle or afk” on my team. I have 2 pages devoted to jungling, the only difference is one has all armor pen marks and the other has half armor pen half attack speed marks. The third page is AD focused with AD marks and Quints. The fourth is where I’m stuck on an AP setup. I don’t usually play many AP champs, but there’s always a time when I have to run AP mid or something. I have Quints of Ability Power right now, but what marks are best for an all-around AP rune page? Magic pen? Also I always use Seal of armor and Glyphs of Scaling MR or just flat MR. Thanks

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RYP Jericho

Senior Member


Switch your glyphs for flat AP ones.

Get magic pen marks.

I'd keep armor seals to help with AD casters.

Your Quints are fine.

Hope this helps!