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Well.... I never thought it would have come to this.

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So, I had to restore my current laptop and LoL is being re downloaded and re installed at the moment.
While I wait can anyone give me a few tips/pointer for ranked, I haven't played any yet because I am waiting on a friend to hit 30 so we can go do it together because we have had some serious *******s through out normal and when we play together we tend to have better co ordintaion and team play.

TL;DR: tips on ranked?

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I can't say much, just some general advice.
Wards save lives.
Pinks make plays.
Call MIAs.
Map Awareness.
Be positive, act nicely.
If you're doing well in your lane helping another lane can make the difference from losing the game and winning it.
Jungle and Mid tend to carry hardest.
If your lane enemy is roaming, either counter their gank attempt, or take their tower.
Chasing an enemy if you don't have vision on the rest of their team can throw a game completely.
If you're losing, full out team fights are probably a bad idea. Play safe and try and farm up, and catch kills if the enemy is split.

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BMR covered probably everything,
just one more thing, learn about countering.