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I'm tired of this, its hopeless.

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Plz Nerf Irelia

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They're worth just as much gold as minions, they just have more health and an item or two.

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SeCKS Egai

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Akshun Bastard:
My last team gave up around 41 kills by the 20 minute mark. I was the only positive one. How in the world do I carry a team like that?

Cause, you know, according to Riot, and other forum idiots, any team can be carried. So please explain how I carry a 1-9 jungler, 2-4 adc, 0-9 support, and 3-5 top.

Didn't you say you were quitting in another thread already?

Just looking at your match history it's clear you aren't doing the carrying, and complaining about other folks just makes people bring your own faults to attention.

9+4+9+5 =27, so you had 14 deaths. Positive or not, you aren't helping your team, you just give out more gold each time you die, dying more often.

Most folks know you can't carry every game, but hey, you must be the expert in bronze 5.

I did well in placement and didn't just "get lucky". In the two games I lost, one was before I started taking screens and was pretty close. The second one everyone did bad, including myself.

I went through nasty losing streaks, but even my demotion to siv 5 the first time there was little I could do. Some losses couldn't be avoided. Other losses could have been avoided with decisions as far back as champ select.

However, with that said, notice the scores. Even as a smurf playing support I can help carry a team 4 vs the enemy 5. Even when I'm teamed with folks in bronze (being below my division's mmr) I can still do well. I've had 3 afks/dcs in a row even, and they happened after I had started a losing streak destroying my mmr.

However, if I had played more consistently and better in general, I wouldn't have been in such a bad spot to have to swallow those afks/dcs in the first place. In fact, most of my early losses were close games where if I had just played better I would have probably already hit gold instead of bottoming out at siv 5 twice. But I also I know I can progress, as painful as the climb back up can be.

Blaming your team when you're in bronze 5 is just an excuse to protect one's ego. I earned my siv 3, but ultimately needed to learn more overall which is why I've fallen to siv 5 twice. I have never once played a game where I was "perfect" and win or lose, I've found things to work on. Bronze 5 is notorious for poor decision making.

Until you accept you need to improve, please stop complaining.