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Such an overused term, but Elo Hell still very much exists.

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Elo hell isn't real in the sense that most people think it is. Odds are you you aren't actually a gold/plat player stuck in bronze. I'm sorry if this comes as a shock but it's something you need to accept. It is possible that you are a silver player stuck in bronze however. As you get closer and closer to your true elo you're going to find that it's harder and harder to carry games by yourself and you're going to need more help from your team to win. Because you can't rely on the rest of your team crushing it and getting you the help you need each game you're going to see your win rate dwindle down until you get around 50% and that's when you're where you should be (atleast until you improve your own play). Whenever I hear people complain about Elo hell what I really hear is "I'm getting closer to my true elo and I can't roflstomp games single handedly".

If you don't believe what I said about Elo hell and you really feel like it's just trolls and afks keeping you down try to find a duo partner. There are people that make threads about being stuck in elo hell themselves all the time just offer to duo with one of them. Be warned however that the people that makes those threads are usually doing something wrong and have a major hole (or several small holes) in their play that they aren't aware of.

Anyways getting back to some of the specific things you asked about... if you're getting camped by their jungler that's actually a good thing. He's not actually able to get kills off you because you're warding up and not over extending, riiiiiight? So basically whenever he comes to your lane to try (and fail) to gank you you're just wasting his time. That's a good thing because it means he's not helping the other lanes and your jungle can do his thing to try to help your other lanes win without their jungler messing him up.

If you still think that there's nothing you could have done to win a given game try posting a replay and having people review it. Odds are they will find several things you could have done better.

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SoF Volrath



Ridiculous is a good word to use. I am not even whining becuase it's unfair though, I am whining becuase I want to get better, and being stuck with people who belong in this tier/division and its surrounding areas will not get me better, yet I am stuck with people every game that drag me down. Any advice on how to get out of the Elo Hell anyone?

There are 2 things that will help you get out:

1. Creep Score--This is one of the biggest mistakes newer people and people in Bronze will make. Focus on getting it up as high as possible.

2. Get yourself a tanky jungle and dominate! Rammus is by far my first pick.

--You will control the board and be able to help every lane
--You will be feeding your team (instead of just yourself).
--You will be the initiator for all team fights
--3 second taunt... (need i say more??)

If you love it, or hate it, getting the rest of your team fed by controlling the flow of the match is by far the best way to "carry" an average (or below average) team. There is nothing you can do about trolls, but with smart play, you should be able to win +60% of your games in Bronze as a tanky jungle.