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Mac Client: Functionality Suggestion

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So when I used the iLoL client, when I was in game, there was functionality where when I was in game or at the loading screen, if I pressed cmd+alt+Esc, the game client would force close and the air client would give me the option to immediately Reconnect or (if I was spectating a game instead) Quit without having to close the air client and relog.

In the current iteration of the Mac Client, pressing cmd+alt+Esc in the game client will force close the game, but the air client won't recognize the game as closed and won't give you the option to Reconnect, instead saying "Game still in progress...". This requires you to actually relog in order to reconnect to the game.

Perhaps someone would find a way to implement this functionality to the Mac Client? One example where this would be useful is if the game client freezes, force closing the game client would easily allow the user the reconnect. Imagine if the user was forced to relog while there was a login queue; s/he wouldn't be able to reconnect until s/he waited the queue out...