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[Discussion] Steps toward a Udyr DPS guide

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My testing is too limited to make anything like a final guide, but I want to put out some of the things that I am finding work well with Udyr. I am not interested in playing him as support (which is the only other guide), and would like some of the more solid Udyr players to come out of the woodwork w/ a serious DPS guide. I just went 16/4/8 with this approach against a reasonably competent team, so I want to put it out there in the interest in refining play with this guy. He IS probably underpowered atm, but can still be a very viable threat...and I think most of the hate is a result of the fact that nobody (as far as I know) really knows how to play him well yet. The fact that he is severely underestimated right now is a bit of an advantage as long as you can reassure your team that you know what you're doing before game start

Basic Early Strategy

Start rushing sheen, getting mana crystal and two potions first. Smite the lead phantom in phantom camp, then use phoenix stance to clear it out. You'll be well on your way to lvl 2, with almost no damage taken, and be able to meet the first wave easily. Quickly level to 3 in mid lane, 2 phoenix, 1 turtle. With this build and one health potion, you can easily take out Golem. Clear out jungle; it is worth it to carefully position yourself so phoenix hits the little creeps. Lane and possibly gank, repeat.

Basic "Mid" game
At level 4, shift to bear and tiger stance leveling, with emphasis on tiger; those couple points in phoenix and turtle are enough to do their job in the jungle, and you can deal w/mana through golem. When in the jungle, a little phoenix is enough for back row creeps. Tiger + Sheen + smite soon does wonders on the big creeps. Golem buff deals with the mana inefficiency of turtle and phoenix as you cycle through; remember, phoenix is there to take out the little creeps, tiger is there to focus down the big one. Next, go for speed boots (you're a pretty weak chaser otherwise), and work on tri-force items. Once you have Tri-force, 4 or 5 levels in tiger, lizard buff, and speed boots you are actually a pretty mean ganker. Use bear to close, and try to time it so that your speed buff is wearing off just when you reach them; your universal cooldown will be done and you'll immediately be able to hit w/tiger. Your tiger strike deals 5 times normal damage at level 5 w/tri-force...so even if you are around 100 base damage (w armor) you start off spiking for 250 with bear (tri-force) and 500 w tiger. If they are weakened already, they may well die before the stun wears off. Otherwise, flip on phoenix (the aura hits them while running), then bear+tiger again. If you can keep up w/them, that'll finish plenty of folks off.

Late Game

I am still working out late game items, but I actually like a number of the recommended items. Even the Brutalizer is cool, b/c it is cheap and gives you a lot that you want. Cooldown for stance dance and damage; I do like the idea of building in additional cooldown for stance dance. Also, 15 armor penetration is really neat. Think of it this way: for every 1000 effective hp someone has, this effect alone effectively adds 150 extra damage. Great for towers. At 18, I generally leave turtle as the underlevelled ability, and level Phoenix/Bear more quickly based on whether my team needs more pushing or more ganking. Anway, I'd love more opinions on filling this out.


Attack speed, health, magic and armor resistances. He is a bit squishy and I think this is the best place to get some survivability. It is hard to work them into the item build, which badly needs to build on the attack speed/damage synergy to get to where it is effective.

Masteries and Spells

9 attack, 21 utility. Mainly, I am interested in improved smite and the reduced spell
cooldown, as well as the extended auras.

For spells, I have been going with Ghost and Smite. Ghost is better than teleport for getting around the jungle and chasing, which are the two main things you need help with.
Jungling is obviously key, but I think an occasional jungle sweep is far preferable to the "I live in the jungle" philosophy. Also, improved Smite along with the cooldown reduction mastery gives you one smite per minute. This really helps jungling (obviously), but also dovetails extremely well with your phoenix stance (which is fairly low level) when pushing against their wave w/the big creep. Soften the whole wave w/phoenix, smite big creep (big creep gold, plus 5 more lol!), then finish off the wave. I think smite is often underrated, especially on champions who really need to get a lot of gold coming in to get on their feet.

Comments and thoughtful critiques please! Also, please flame w/ "ULDYRZ SUX! OMG DON'T WASTE TIME ON THIS **** UNTIL THEY ALLOW EFFECTS TO TRIGGER ON TIGER ALL 3 TIMES." That will encourage people to continue to undervalue this guy, making it easier to pick him and easier to surprise people with him when they die . To be fair, he still feels a little underpowered to me, but not by a ton.