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my friends tell me that i write long things on pointless topics, usually ending up with the reply "TLDNR". but you know what? I faithfuly accept my flaw of being born a gifted writer, as i look through so far and realize that b isn't capitalized and i spelled faithfully wrong, not to mention this hasn't started making any sense to you, the reader, yet.

over the course of my life i have figured out that being a loner sucks. Most of my research on the topic came from firsthand experience, staring into a lifeless screen like i am now and contemplating the number of skittles that can fit into one's nostril passage. Nevertheless, its good to do things with friends, or colleagues or whatever.

That is precisely the reason this thread exists, someone once told me that "pc gaming is for elitists and your dad", and to a certain extent i agree with that statement. over the course of the last... 3 week period, heroes of newerth have proven to me that pc game is indeed, for elitists, and your dad. I dread to see this happen to the league of legend community, over the last few days i have seen some very discouraging acts within games and forum alike, and I if nothing else feel sorry for new players who got called "noob" and are told to uninstall.

"clan" is defined in the dictionary as "A traditional social group of families in the Scottish Highlands having a common hereditary chieftain; A group of people all descended from a common ancestor, in fact or belief" and although i am no Scotsman, I wish to start a group, nay, a community, in which everyone socializes, set up games for practice or for fun or for whatever reason, a place to go when you get pissed off for that 37 kills some guy pulled off on you, and most importantly, a place to relax and hang out with friends, or make new ones in the process.
some of you may call me out for visions of grandeur, some of you may ask "well isn't that what the forum is for." to an extent, yes. but i don't feel that the forum is effective for setting up games or talking with people, and i have visions of grandeur all the time so its no big deal.Also part of the reason is that i mentioned being a loner sucks, and i'm running out of hobos to kidnap and force to play with me.

so if you're bored, frustrated, wanting to set up premades with some friends or whatknot, looking for tips on how to play someone, etc, also if you're new to the experience, ring me up in game and come hang out with us.
if you reply too long did not read however, i will find ways to hunt you down and make you eat every play Shakespeare ever wrote, literally.
p.s. Gemeinschaft is german for community, also the name of the clan. why? being creative makes blood come out of my ears so i figure why not just translate it to some other language and look smart at the same time.
no proofreading of this document has been done and it was accomplished in more or less 20 minutes. do forgive any grammatical errors or otherwise.