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A pretty Jax guide

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Armor Penn/Magic Penn Marks (pick your poison, i prefer Magic Penn)
Dodge Seals
Mp5 per level Glyphs
Health Quintessence

Red runes don't significantly affect gameplay later on, so pick whichever you've got.
Dodge Seals and Health Quintessences for obvious reasons.
Mp5 per level glyphs ensure you have mana to use your abilities, it might seem silly but they really make a huge difference

2.Summoner Spells:

Ghost is op, Get it.

Ignites great for picking up kills early on and the extra AP never hurts.

21 offense 9 defense.

3 Resistance
1 Hardiness
4 Evasion
1 Nimbleness

1 Deadliness
3 Archmage's Savvy
4 Sorcery
4 Alacrity
1 Archaic Knowledge
1 Ignite
3 Sunder
3 Lethality
1 Offensive Mastery

4.Skilling Order
Leap Strike
Counter Strike

Max Leap Strike asap while getting Relentless Assault
Then max Empower, finishing with Counter Strike

Doran's Shield + HP pot
Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads (Varies depending on the opponent's comp)
Guinsoo Rageblade
Hextech Gunblade/Malady (if youre getting killed a lot, Gunblade first, if not Malady)
Banshee Veil/Guardian Angel (if you get CCed or are dying to caster Banshee, if not Guardian Angel)
Trinity Force

Game Play:
All the above mentioned items dont have to be gotten in that order, though 99% of the time its a good idea to get Guinsoo's asap.
If you seem to be in the jungle a lot, getting the Bilgewater cutlass before completing Malady, as the life leech will pretty much let you jungle indefinitely. Don't forget to use the active on the Gunblade, it can mean the difference between life and death.
Red pots are great on Jax, I tend to pick them up if i have 300 gold leftover and theres not quite enough to purchase anything. Problem is Jax doesn't gain 300 health like other champions, its bugged and might get fixed.

Lanning Phase:
I prefer to solo lane as its a pain to rely on people you don't know. But if you're in a side lane don't panic.

Soloing as Jax:
The idea behind this is most of the time your opponents are long range and have a weaker harass than your Empower -> Leapstrike -> Counterstrike combo. Use that to dominate the lane. If mid is a hard hitting harasser such as Teemo, Corki, Pantheon play defensively. But still harass when possible. If your hit points and mana are full, its probably a good time to throw down an Empower-> Leapstrike combo. If they ever engage you in a straight auto attack combat 90% of the time you will win after hitting 6. Always use your best judgement. Don't be afraid to purchase additional mana and health pots if you're forced to go back. Half the time i get 2 health and a mana pot if i'm not in control of the lane.

Lane as Jax:
This is more tricky. Wait for opportunities to Empower -> Leapstrike -> Counterstrike. Its ok to just Empower Leapstrike. The main thing is to take minimum damage while using Empower -> Leapstrike as much as possible, aiming to harass the heroes with little or no health regen while keeping enough hp to survive an attempt at a kill. Don't be afraid to purchase additional mana and health pots if you're forced to go back. Its almost always a good idea if you're not getting in a stronger harass than your opponents.

General Jax tips:
-> its ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS good to attack + move. By which i mean right after your swing, move toward the direction in which your enemy is running, its especially important at lower levels where attack speeds are pretty low.
-> its ok to run in front of your creeps and take a few auto hits from creeps to get your counterstrike up.
-> if twitch jumps you behind and you have more than 50% health, rape him.
-> its important to adapt to the situation as needed.
-> if at 6 you and your lane mate are unable to make anything happen in a lane, leave and go jungle.
-> Leapstrike is awesome, you can leap to an ally to get away, but for whatever reason. Leapstriking over most walls doesn't work.

Team Fights
Team fighting as Jax can be a real headache. Ideally you jump their carry and hope no one notices you. This almost never happens. Wait for your tank(s) to lay down some cc or absorb some ults before going in. If your opponents have silences, pop your ult early, if not use your best judgement.

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Junior Member


Pretty good but some else beat ya too it.

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Viro Melchior



Also, guide that says you want to mid as Jax = selfish and crude.

A good mid player with a good mid champion will enjoy your selfish taking of mid, get tons of creep kills, and deny you the ability to farm.
Try laning mid as Jax vs Annie, Karthus, Anivia, or Ezrael.