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[Guide] A Basic Guide to Summoner Spells

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Senior Wrenchman


A Basic Guide to Summoner Spells

With the latest patch there have been some pretty big changes to Masteries and Summoner Spells. Full information is detailed below.

Level 1
Exhausts the target lowering all of their damage output by 30%, slowing attack speed by 50% and slowing movement speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds.

With mastery Summoner's Wrath (Offense) – Also reduces target's armor and magic resistance by 10.

Cooldown: 210 seconds. (With Mastermind, 201.5/195.5/189 seconds)

About: A useful spell for champions who don’t have their own disables or want an additional chance to hunt down an enemy. Can be used to snare an enemy for a kill or to protect a fleeing ally. Mastery makes this spell very deadly early game, but not as effective later as it does not scale with level.

BarrierShields your champion from (95+20 per level) damage for 2 seconds.

With mastery Summoner's Wrath (Offense) – Increases the shield amount by 20 points.

Cooldown: 210 seconds. (With Mastermind, 201.5/195.5/189 seconds)

About: Allows you to absorb additional damage in a team fight, more useful early game when damage can mean the difference between a kill and sustaining a lane. Can also be used to bait enemies to over commit. Still useful late game (455 damage absorbed) but not as game changing.


Your champion ignores unit collision and moves 27% faster for 14 seconds.

With mastery Summoner's Wrath (Offense) – Increases movement speed to 35%.

Cooldown: 240 seconds. (With Mastermind, 230/223/216 seconds)

About: This is probably the strongest escape spell in the game now that flash has been nerfed. The collision reduction on top of a decent speed increase and duration make it useful even against enemy champions with disablers or running down an enemy hero behind minions.

Restores (140 + 15 x Level, 410hp at level 18) health to your champion and nearby allies.

With mastery Summoner's Resolve (Defense) – Increases max health by 5 per level (90 HP at level 18).

Cooldown: 300 seconds. (With Mastermind, 288/279/270 seconds)

About: Currently successive uses reduce area effect efficiency by 50% each use. (Example: at level 18, first use heals allies 410, second use heals allies 205, does not affect person heal) Can be effective for pushers healing themselves and minions as well as an oh **** button for taking damage. With the recent changes this spell is much stronger early game than it used to be and still has a decent heal potential even later on.

Instantly revives your champion at spawning pool and provides a temporary speed boost of 125%, which decays over time.

With mastery Summoner's Resolve (Defense): After casting Revive spell, You receive a significant boost to your total HP for a moderate period of time..

Cooldown: 510 seconds. (With Mastermind, 489.5/474/459 seconds)

About: While deaths late game can be make or break, this spell is really wasting a slot that could be better spent on one that could save you from death in the first place or allow you to get an extra kill. There are a couple gimmicky strategies (pantheon) that make use of this spell but for the most part it's relegated to custom games or to the new Dominion mode where the smaller map size and teamfights make this spell a little more useful.

Deals (420 + 25 x level, 870 at level 18) damage to target enemy minion or pet.

With mastery Summoner's Resolve (Defense) – Smite spell rewards 10 gold when used.

Cooldown 70 seconds. (With Mastermind, 67/65/63 seconds)

About: While fairly limited in its use in lane (enemy tanks, promoted minions, Tibbers) this spell shines when used in conjunction with jungling. The early damage allows you to farm much faster to obtain early auras and kills. This mastery can increase your effectiveness slightly (approx 125 extra gold if used continuously in a 30 minute game.)

Teleport - Summoner's Rift / Twisted Treeline Only
After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to a target friendly minion / turret / mushroom / tower / etc.

With mastery Summoner's Insight (Utility) – Reduces channeling time by 1 second to 3 seconds, teleports your champion to a target friendly minion/turret/mushroom/tower.

Cooldown: 300 seconds. (With Mastermind, 288/279/270 seconds)

About: This spell is great for improving your ability to be in the right place. Allows you to teleport in to pretty much anything allied (minions, Heim turrets, Teemo mushrooms, etc.) to set up an ambush, assist an ally or stop a push against one of your towers. Can also be used to reduce your time out of lane when going to buy or heal. When teleporting on a minion this spell temporarily grants the minion invulnerability. This spell can be interrupted during the channeling time which is reduced by a fairly weak mastery.
Note: Not available in Dominion Mode

Garrison - ***Dominion Mode Only***
Increases the attack speed of a friendly tower for 8 seconds and interrupts any capture attempts on the node or reduces the attack speed of an opposing tower by 80% for 8 seconds. Also quickly regenerates the "health" of a friendly tower that has been partially drained by a cap attempt.

With mastery Summoner's Resolve (Defence) – Gives Garrison the additional ability to allow friendly turrets to deal 50% splash damage.

Cooldown: 210. (With Mastermind, 201.5/195.5/189 seconds)

About: Garrison can be a great situational spell when attempting to 1v1 / 1v2 under a friendly or unfriendly tower. When used on a friendly tower, it should be saved until a partial cap is started in order to use it's regeneration function to "uncap" the enemy team's progress on your tower.

Level 2
Removes all stuns, fears, slows, taunts, snares, sleeps and immobilizers from your champion and gives 65% reduction on new disabler durations for 3 seconds. Also removes the snare component of Exhaust and the damage component of Ignite.

With Summoner's Resolve (Defense) – Increases the disable duration reduction by 1 second, to 4 seconds.

Cooldown: 210 seconds. (With Mastermind, 201.5/195.5/189 seconds)

About: In defensive situations, this spell can be more useful than Ghost or Flash since many times enemy champions tend to blow their disables early leaving them with no follow up. However, if you’re being attacked by multiple enemies often they can just reapply a disable. This spell also lacks the offensive capability that Ghost and Flash possess. With the recent changes, the usefulness of this spell is somewhat increased since it can clear a wider range of disables and damage. Cleanse can also be used for chasing down disabler heroes who use slows or stuns to get away.

Level 6
Restores 40% of max mana to your champion and nearby allies.

With mastery Summoner's Insight (Utility) – Increases the amount of mana restored to 50%

Cooldown: 180 seconds, (With Mastermind, 173/167.5/162 seconds)

About: Clarity can be useful for caster heroes who need that extra burst of mana to make a kill, or on a team after a push or team battle has expended most champions’ mana. in certain situations it can make a lane much more sustainable, especially with a fairly low cooldown.

Level 7
A damage over time spell that targets a single champion dealing (50+20*Level, 410 dmg at level 18) pure damage over 5 seconds (82 dmg per second for 5 secs at level 18). This damage is not affected by armor or magic resist. Also reduces the target's healing and regeneration by 50% for the duration of the spell.

With mastery Summoner's Wrath (Offense) – While your ignite spell is on cooldown, you gain an additional 5 Ability Power and 5 attack damage.

Cooldown: 210 seconds. (With Mastermind, 201.5/195.5/189 seconds)

About: This spell can be very useful for getting a last hit on a fleeing champion. While the amount of damage the spell does is not amazingly significant, the ability to mitigate armor and magic resist and cause 400 damage at level 18 can be enough to net a kill. This spell is used primarily by carries and other gank heroes to increase dps and ensure the kill. The low cooldown also means that this spell is available fairly often.

Level 8
Promote - ***Note: No longer available***
Upgrades a random in-range allied tank into a Siegerider, healing it and granting bonus attack range, armor and magic resist. Grants gold to the Spell Holder for any kill by the siegerider.

With mastery Spacial Accuracy (Utility) – Increases the Siegerider's defensive stats by 15%.

Cooldown: 180 seconds. (With Mastermind, 153 seconds)

About: Can help with a lane push or additional support in a teamfight. While significantly stronger than normal minions, the upgraded unit won't cut it against enemy champions. Best used to help support a non-champion wave push. Can only alter regular tank minions. Mastery is nearly worthless. Note: On Dominion if this spell is used in a lane headed toward a capped node owned by your team, the upgraded unit will disappear in the wave void portal.

Level 10
Reveals an area of the map within 1200 range for 5 seconds.

With mastery Summoner's Insight (Utility) – Maintains sight on champions who were within the revealed area for an additional 5 seconds.
Cooldown 60 seconds. (With Mastermind, 57.5/56/54 seconds)

About: A great free ward for support champions. With it’s low cooldown, you should cast this all the time whenever enemy champions are missing (to protect from ganks) or to check on baron/dragon/auras or other possible ambushes. If used improperly, this spell is nearly worthless. When used an eye appears above the location alerting enemy heroes to the reveal, if they notice.

Level 12
Instantly teleports your champion towards your mouse cursor within a 400 range.

With mastery Summoner's Insight (Utility) – Reduces cooldown by 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 300 seconds. (With Mastery, 285 seconds) (With Mastermind, 288/279/270 seconds) (With both at max, 255 seconds)

About: After a series of nerfs this spell is noticably weaker than it was in the past. The skill lets you instantly teleport a short distance to escape or chase. For offensive capabilities, this spell does still allow you to ambush over short distances. It should also be noted that flash instantaneously ports you toward your mouse cursor when the skill is hit and is not click activated.

Surge - ***Note: This spell is currently disabled***
Increases Ability Power (Level 1, 10ap: Level 18, 78ap) and attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds.

With mastery Summoner's Wrath (Offense) – Increases attack speed by 5% to 40% and AP by 10% (86ap at level 18).

Cooldown: 220 seconds. (With Mastermind, 187 seconds)

About: This is the newest of the Summoner Spells taking the place of the old Rally spell. This spell grants a small boost to magic damage and decent boost to attack speed to your champion.

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I R Orc Peon

Senior Member


Thank you for the guide, I've been too busy playing to experiment with the summoner spells and I have often wanted to know the cooldowns of the different spells.

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Senior Member


Of note on Flash: it does break projectiles and numerous effects. I've seen a good few people escape from gold cards with flash, though seemingly not melee range spells (Eve's backstab, Cho's omnomnom)

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Cleanse does not lack offensive capabilities. Many characters use snares and stuns as escape mechanisms from chasers. Cleanse allows you to bypass these would-be obstacles and reach your target for the kill.

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Senior Member


Also, the cooldown on flash is much shorter now, making the mastery much more effective as a % change.

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sweet - I added this to the lolwiki.com

nice work!

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Some little tidbits I'd recommend adding:

Smite - It can also be used in combination with Catalyst the Protector to bait enemies. You get to the point where 1 creep will level you, get an ambush organized, and bait by getting to about half health. When the enemies take the bait, smite + level up + kill them. This *seems* really situational but it's actually very easy to pull off in game.

Ghost - Not only is it a good escape mechanism, but since the flash change it's also a very good chasing tool as well. In some cases better than Exhaust and in some cases worse.

Teleport - I know you said "etc" but it's also very useful to know that one can teleport to wards. Not enough people take advantage of this, or wards in general. Seems more important than knowing that it works with mushrooms/jacks/etc since you can have wards in any game.

Cleanse - Your about blurb is way off, champions can not chain stun you since it makes you immune to debuffs for 2 seconds. You also need to make note that if cleanse is preemptively casted, it can block malphite's ultimate/any other knockup, blitzcrank's grab, or any spell in the game really. You'll take damage but not get disabled even against spells that cleanse normally would not help you against.

Rally - You mention every team should have a fortify, but where's the love for the "i-win button" of teamfights, Rally? It's also very good for pushing towers/inhibs especially combined with promote.

I probably sound critical based on the above but they're just some suggestions, this guide is actually very useful for new players who might not know how many multi-purposes all of the summoner skills have

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Senior Wrenchman


Updated to the latest patch.

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Junior Member


ty for the tips, man!

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Senior Wrenchman


Updated to .107