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Beeping Noise?

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Junior Member


I recently purchased a Asus x401a laptop and when I play LoL sometimes it will make a loud beeping noise? Is it my computer or LoL? Please Help!

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Nothing in-game, even Blitzcrank, should produce a loud beep. Possible caveat: if you are running Facebook, an open browser window with it now plays a "bee-doop" sound when you get an update.

Sounds technical otherwise, and when I built my first frankenpc, I had to go through three Asus boards. You shouldn't have to replace it, but see if there is a health monitor or heat gauge in the software options. I found one on my Toshiba that monitors heat, so I'm sure the Asus has something similar.

The beep could be a warning of heat at best guess, and if so, an easy fix is that the fan may be blocked due to dust. If it sat on the shelf, blowing it out should get the fan in order. I had issues of overheating on my own laptop, and after a good dust blowout (literally - a cloud of white), the heat issue was much, much better.