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Break Needed

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so i took a break from league cuz in ranked play it was really needed for me( i got tired of the usual bad play / afk....srsly dont mind it as much, we all know its out there, but it just really got to me in droves)...i went to play DCUO and i admit im really rusty when i came back

I push a few wrong buttons, so thats why i was playing a few normals to get back in the swing of things...but after a few normals, i just had to do ranked....i couldnt stand the 4 top, 4 mid, 4 bot, no adc, 2 supports, 2 junglers stuff that occurs in normal blind picks lolz

so i played rank to get away from the crazy normal stuff, which i did laugh through cuz my goal was to get the kinks out and it worked,...

Sooo first ranked and a leona rushes ruby sightstone and never puts any wards down....like how does that happen???? (and she also roamed a ton, was even in top lane at lvl 7, still no wards..like idk why she's roaming at that point if not gonna do something)

anywho...i see the game i LOVE (and yes i do love this game) hasn't changed in the weeks break i took...i'm just not sure i fully grasp how to play it and have fun when this stuff goes on (b4 the break i did TAKE MY FIRST LOSS BY OUTPLAYED rather then just afk/dumbstuff and it was ACTUALLY A FUN LOSS, but thats one loss in how many lolz

Well i think i still need a break....so off to DCUO...

Love you guys and remember to vote for the LCS ALLSTAR APRIL 2nd - 15th
na voting website here-----> http://na.lolesports.com/allstar