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PvP.net closed itself and the system baned me a day

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this is my first post and it is a question
im a new player at League of Legends, but i ought to ask
why LoL closed itself?
i was just about of entering to a match, just selected sivir as my champion... and then *puff* it closed :C
i got to wait 10 minutes or something to enter again, when i entered my team was losing and they were anger (of course) whit me because i wanst helping
but i wasnt the one who closed the game it just poped out and disapeared showing only the League of Legends floating logo in the mid of my screen
the game baned me :C
and im mad :C (?)
the system its too much estrict and you need to be reasonable
this things happends to lots of people
and its not conection or the pc its the game itself
pro players had that problem and now they are using new accounts (low level) to restart and they are kicking me where it hurts the most :C
because they cant use their pro account D'X

and sorry if my english its not good