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Whats going on!!!!!!!

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I don't know why... but for some reason... when I accepted these ranked games, the first one, I hit accept as soon as the match popped, waited the like 10 seconds for everyone else and then it said "I" failed to hit accept; which, is complete bull****.
SECOND TIME. We were on champ select, I was staring at the screen like a boss, waiting for my turn, and then.... all of a ****in sudden, it becomes my turn for 1 SECOND and it kicks me out saying I failed to select a champion. ALSO one person from their team rigfht before my turn failed to select a champ. I don't know if this is a bug, but i lost 7 LP for this and it kicked me out of my series that I was in.
oh.. and also a small time penalty.... for doing nothing... wrong.... at all...