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A new way to diminish leavers,afks, trolls in ranked.

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The Humping Man

Senior Recruiter


I think a good way for riot to catch leavers,afks, trolls in games is to make them lose double their league points for punishment.

also if a player does not connect or afks more than 10 minutes, the other players(victims) should lose less points and elo while the afk etc should lose double.

people are sick of these people and find it unfare when they lose points, elo when they did nothing wrong.

toxic players, negative attitude is one thing but if a person rage quits it is another.

if 2 people leave the elo, point punishment should be divided amonst the two.

riot should also make notes on people who are highlight red and punish and also a harsher punishment should be applied including 3 day bans.

also people who do not connect to the loading screen nor is active for the first 5-10 minutes should equal to less penalty for the other players or instant draw by vote. the enemy team should get a small boost in league points or be nullified as well.

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Senior Member


Wouldn't this just put toxic players at a lower elo where they will be terrorizing newer or more inexperienced players instead? I would rather just see the harsher time bans instead.