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ADC is by far my worst role. I'm only silver 1 so i'm not all that good but am very confident with all other roles.

I guess I see some people constantly pushing /sometimes not. Last hitting some harass is all common knowledge but any help for this noob? Mainly just laning phase. Thanks

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Worst Iee sin

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focus on cs, the adc aims for late game, so focusing too much on harrassing and not on farm will hurt ur late game

u should be entirely focused on last hitting from a safe distance, and whenever there is no minion to last hit, hit ur lane opponent when they go for a hit

the only exception is when ur supp or jung initiates a kill, when u should engage even if u miss a few creeps

dont overextend or u set urself up for ganks, optimal farm area is right outside turret range, so dont autoattack, just last hit; only autoattack when the minions are about to be in turret range

the main exception to this is draven, who is supposed to push his lane opponents out of lane by high early damage, farm is still important but harrassing has a high priority

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I have some tips for you as well.

1. Get familiar with many adcs. It is important to know their range and skills (how many cc, summoner spells).

2. Get familiar with many supports. This will help you determine your first item, laning strategy, etc. Furthermore, learn how certain supports work with certain adcs.

For example, Blitzcrank is a support that has strong presence but no sustain. Caitlyn is a good pair because she can cover for Blitz with her long range, and her traps are deadly with Blitz's grab.

Soraka is a support that has great sustain but mediocre presence. Ashe or Urgot is a good pair because they require a lot of mana to spam their abilities.

Nami is a versatile support that has some sustain and can have some presence. Draven is a good pair because nami's buff and heal allows Draven to harass more effectively.

Although I have my favorite compositions, none of what I think or said is a clear answer.
It is important that you keep building your experience.

3. Check the enemy minions' health. When you last-hit, it is usually good to hit it from far, near max range. This makes the opponent harder to harass you (unless you are much stronger or pushing).

4. Check your minion's health. When you see that one of your minion's health is low, that is an opening when you can hit the enemy champion. The enemy would either have to take a hit for cs or hit you back in exchange for gold. But again, you should know of your and their champions' abilities to make an effective move.