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Personal experience with the mac client

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Since you guys at riot have made the effort to care for us mac users i tought it might be at very least fair to give you my feedback, so here it goes.

As of nov. 06 2010

Machine Type: Mac Pro 4,1
CPU: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Graphics Card: Ati radeon HD 4870 1GB
Settings Levels: All High with Low/No Shadows

General comments:
overall the experience is fine, bit tricky to get it working on the first time but absolutely worth it, personally i've encountered only one problem with the installation progress: it would get stuck around 36% and do nothing afterwards. Resolved it by redownloading the installer and updating Adobe AIR before launching the patcher.
In game is where most of the little bugs are to be found, still they only are minor or only graphic related, nothing too groundbreaking.

Onto the specific issues i've encountered:

#1 "slider" settings do not get saved
referring to HUD scale and Mouse speed, every time I configure these two options via the esc menu in game they do not get saved or reset in a very short time, quite annoying, mostly for the mouse.

#2 dual monitor setup
when playing in full screen on a dual monitor setup the second screen goes completely black but the mouse still navigates into it, nothing too serious, just a minor annoyance.

#3 graphical glitches on the minimap
as many have already pointed out it happens quite often for the icons in the minimap to glitch and have strange borders or lines under them, nothing too fancy or game breaking, still visually annoying.

#4 overall graphical perfomance
on my bootcamp partition i easily reach the 250++ fps while playing with every setting on very high, on mac i struggle to keep the 60 with everything on high, that's a no-no.

#5 Veigar's Q spell results in a graphical glitch
when said spell is cast instead of seeing the actual animation a lovely floating cube with strange purple effects is shown, nothing too drastic, as its size fits the original, still it's not supposed to work in that way, or is it? :P

#6 Kog Maw's death animation not always occurs
when killed Kog Maw's animation, by wich i mean the "blood" jumping over is head before it explodes, simply doesn't show up, pretty weird looking.

That's all I have encountered so far, will update if I happen to find more.

Still, terrific job Udyr and the rest of the team, I want to express my much felt thanks for your work on bringing this awesome game onto the Mac