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Gangplank Builds?

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I've been playing him recently and I love this guy. His deny mechanic basically shuts down the people laning against you for the first 10 minutes. He can last hit pretty well. And once you get an IE on him, he becomes a monster.

So what are some builds that you guys use on our favorite pirate? (FU MF, you suck). My problem with him is that he doesn't have CC, so I try to get a Frozen Mallet on him as soon as I can.

I usually go:

Meki Pendant
5 Avarice Blades (then sell them one by one)
Infinity Edge
Frozen Mallet
Atma's Impaler
Banshee's Veil

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mana crystal
amplifying tome
boots of some fashion, prefer merc threads always
giants belt/blasting wand/amplifyign tome
>spirit visage (very cheap, should be gotten right after yer first back from rylais)
blasting wand/needlessly large rod
Any defensive item here, favoring guardian angel, banshees veil, or thornmail/randuuins omen, depends on enemy.

QSS is a good adition anywhere against a cc heavy team.

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The Drippy Sink



Wtf GP are you building, Tem? The only thing that'd be good for is his ult.



OP: Just build AD and Crit on him. You don't HAVE to have the Mallet, but it is nice and actually pairs well with Atma's which in combination gives him a pretty solid defense buff vs melee damage, as well as AD and Crit%.

Add I.E. to that and you're looking at 38% Crit chance and some serious AD/Crit damage + 2.5 sec slow with every auto-attack and Parrley.

There's also the straight-nuking route which incorporates pretty much no survivability and just AD+Crit Chance.

I.E., P.D., Ghostblade, etc.etc.