How do you know if...

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Let's say you bought a new champ and you played 4-5 games with that champion and you got less than mediocre scores with that champion

How do you know if if just need more practice, or that champion is just not your type of champion??

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Ramas Jonith



depends on what you mean by mediocre score.

certain classes have different scores to consider mediocre.

just to throw some numbers out there (If an 1800 would like to correct me with these numbers i'd welcome it)

assassins 12/6 is pretty lame
carries 7/7 means you're really struggling at your job.
tanks anywhere from 1/4 - 5/7 depending on the champ means you're in trouble.
supports are mostly how many assists you have, but deaths should be really low. only 3-4 deaths if you did your job right for median score.

Now say you went 2/0/10 with a carry champ. You may just need to get more time in with them to get more kills than assists. if you still can't get that kill rate up you may have to just drop it and find a new champ.

Another thing is how aggressive are you playing and at what times? if you are being aggressive early on with a champ that needs to farm you may want to switch to one that needs to feed on enemy champs more. if that makes it worse you may need to switch to a less aggressive playstyle entirely and go back to the first champ.

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I wouldn't grade myself on kill/death stats...regardless of role. I score plenty of kills while playing champs like Shen and Amumu. Sometimes, you're just the last one standing because you're the toughest and you got through the AoE.

Sometimes the enemy team is really just out to get you. I had a sivir game where we won, but I ended up going 2/5 on K/ I built tanky so I got fewer kills and without fully tank items I wasn't tanky enough to survive (I still need to deal damage)...but the enemy team would focus me without fail. Not enough defense. We still won because I did what any player would do in a situation where death is inevitable...die slowly so my teammates get more time to beat on them.

I think you're better off figuring out how smoothly and comfortably you are executing a champion's abilities. It all really comes down to whether or not you feel confident with the champion?

That's what really determines whether or not you need more practice or if the champion isn't good for you. Practice can make you good at all of those things.

There are some champions I didn't feel comfortable with but eventually with practice, I got comfortable with them and became proficient with them. Sometimes, I play them once or twice and I don't like them. Then I come back to that champ a month later and it clicks for me then.

Amumu and Udyr were both like that for me. I hated both of their playstyles when I first tried them. Now they're standard considerations for when I have to jungle.