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Need help with Mundo. :V

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Quite a few things. :x

First, I just want to say some stuff. o.o

1. His cleaver is INCREDIBLY hard to aim. >:

2. I despise it when they're so low on HP, and a creep takes the hit of a cleaver that could net me 200+ gold. ;______; **** CLEAVER BEING ABLE TO HIT CREEPS.

3. Burning Agony eats HP like a fat guy at a country buffet. ;-; Ysohard q-q

Okay, now that's out of the way. xD


1. Katarina ~ I have a lot of trouble with her. Basically because her AP (ability power) and using that item that slows you when you hit an enemy with a skill. Shunpo + Death Lotus + Spinning Blade and whatnot owns me. I always escape out of it. But I have a very hard time killing Kat until end-game where she can't really touch me due to my 3k+ HP. So, need advice on that.

2. Blitzcrank ~ He's not so bad. Most of them are stupid and power grab me, which saves me the trouble of chasing them down. What does annoy me is that little flashy shield around him. Does it reduce damage or what? x.x .-.

3. Cho'Gath ~ Okay, this is the 2nd hardest for me to kill. Mainly because my team lets him feast on them. -.- He was nearly impossible to kill because he had 3k HP and I have laughable offense, usually. Heh. (Tank-based Mundo).

4. Sivir ~ The hardest, and by FAR the most annoying, champion I've ever dealt with? Why?
A. She has On The Hunt, so I can barely touch her, even with Ninja Tabi, Ghost, AND Sadism active. Yeah. Very annoying. Next to that, she has that Emblem of Victor or something. Which gives her increased health regen to her AND to others. Less recalling needed. Also can harrass me more. THEN her **** skills do considerable damage to me, constantly. -_- I cannot STAND Sivir. Any advice will help.

Okay, as for items, I've been running this quite recently

Doran's Shield as a starter.
Recall - Boots of Speed.
Recall - Ninja Tabi
Recall - Build up to Warmog's
Recall - Atma's Impaler
Recall - Force of Nature (usually over before I get this)

That's pretty much it. But the last game (which lasted nearly 80 minutes), I did

Doran's Shield, Ninja Tabi, Warmog's, Phage -> Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler, FoN, and Sunfire.

So, improvements? :x

(Lv9 with T1 HP runes)

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The key to dealing with Katarina for me seems to be not to be afraid of her. Even if she builds up health, she's still kind of squishy, you can probably overpower her in melee combat.

Blitzcrank's shield converts his damage into mp damage. If his mana is already low, then the shield is just going to immediately break and you shouldn't be worried about it.

Cho'goth is just obnoxious to everyone once he's fed. If you can't surround and focus fire him, it's probably best just not to bother at all. I've had games where we just started completely ignoring him, and went on to win.

I just back off against Sivir until her ult wears off, unless of course she's attacking a tower. Try to avoid getting hit twice by her boomarang blade thing, it's fairly easy to dodge if you're paying attention.

You probably shouldn't be committing yourself to a particular boot choice. The Ninja Tabi is probably only the best choice if the enemy team is highly stacked towards melee damage, the other boots are better in different situations. Try Berserker's Greaves if the enemy team has tanks that are going to stand still while you fight them, Boots of Swiftness if the enemies are going to tend to flee or kite you, or Mercury's Treads if the enemy team is heavy on crowd control.

Get better at using the cleaver, it's awesome. Don't just use it for harassing, use it to last hit minions that are out of range. If your timing is good, you can still farm a lane even if you can't safely get within melee range of the minion group.

If you can safely get within melee range of the minion group, turn on burning agony, and watch the minion bounties flow. However, I'd suggest holding off on getting a rank of burning agony until you feel that you can safely use it, which will vary based on the capabilities of your lane opponents.

Getting Warmogs early on seems like a good idea both to take advantage of all the kills you'll be getting and letting you keep burning agony on more often, letting you get even more kills. I build up to it early as well. I usually get some of its components before getting boots, though, you don't really need the speed that much early on, and extra health and regeneration really helps.

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I play Dr. Mundo on my 5v5 team. That means I have level 30 talents and T3 runes maxed out for him and I understand this is impossible for you at the moment, however:

* The cleaver has a learning curve. Sometimes you can anticipate when the enemy is going to move - a lot of the time, players will try to juke you out. Figure out which direction is most logical for them to go, and throw! When a player is running away from you, make sure that when you throw the cleaver that the enemy player will not run out of the cast range before the cleaver can travel that distance. If you're right behind somebody and they're running away, throw the cleaver directly at them. VERY RARELY does a player make juke moves when they're right behind you - Sure, some "pros" will come in here and say they do, but the amount of cleavers I've jammed into the back of heads begs to differ.

The cleaver is also good for killing creeps from a distance. Being pressured in a lane by two ranged heroes? Start sniping creeps for gold, I love that aspect of the ability.

Early on, try your best to hit the enemy with the cleaver. If the enemy sees you can consistently hit them, they'll respect that and end up with less creep kills as a result. Try to throw the cleaver at them when it's not obvious. Make it look like you're running up to kill a creep or make it look like you're running away.

* Burning Agony is a great spell, but you have to choose it's uses wisely. It only has a four second cooldown, so quick toggling is always available. I get one rank at level 4. If I see a few creeps at low HP, I'll throw it on for a few seconds. If the enemy is engaging me (or if I'm chasing them) I'll throw it on.

* Relating to the point above, I always buy boots of speed first with two health pots. Maybe my runes and talents allow me this luxury, but I find that the best way to begin. One reason is because the speed allows me to be in the right position to cleaver somebody that's in a lane with me. It also lets me keep up with my enemy if I'm chasing them with Burning Agony activated. Boots are also a defensive item, because you can escape danger much easier, and you can kill creeps early on without being harassed as badly due to being able to hit and run more efficiently.

* I typically go: Boots of Speed -> Upgrade to Mercury Treads (Less snare duration stacks with burning agony and magic resist is great) -> acquire items for Warmog's Armor -> Buy Leviathan (These last two purchases can be flip-flopped sometimes) -> Buy two Sunfire Capes -> After that, it can vary greatly.

This isn't relevant to you now, but my runes are: Blue: Greater Glyph of Shielding x9 (25 magic resist at 18), Yellow: Greater Seal of Vitality x9 (175 health at level 18), Red: Greater Mark of Warding (9 flat magic resist), Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (+1.5% movement), Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (+39.5 HP flat), Greater Quintessence of Wisdom (+2% experience gain)

My talents are 21 into defense and 9 into utility.

As for counters, Mundo is really a team hero and trying to write 1v1 strategies would be difficult. Usually Mundo doesn't get many kills, but a ton of assists. The best way to counter a hero is to play the hero. Riot makes that hard with their cycling and such, but play each of the ten free heroes each week to see what it's like from their eyes.

Blitzcrank's passive ability: At 20% HP, his mana shield activates and any damage done to him is instead absorbed by mana, up to 50% of his current mana.

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Oh, that ability is passive? Didn't actually know that.

And that's why you want to play each champion at least once.

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Early on, try your best to hit the enemy with the cleaver. If the enemy sees you can consistently hit them, they'll respect that and end up with less creep kills as a result.

This is the key. You need, early on, to teach your opponents that Mundo = cleavers in their face. Whether thrown or wielded you need to put cleavers in the faces of the enemy. With a Doran's Shield there isn't really a champ that can absorb as much punishment as Dr. Mundo early game. Use your big-purpliness to laugh of their harassment attempts and continue to harass back. Even if you appear to be losing out early, the fact that your opponents require mana and you require only your fat green bar means that you should prevail in the long-run.

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When I'm mundo I usually start with regen pendant. Then I like to get enemies to chase me but then throw a cleaver directly backwards. It always works. Remember- masochism is ridiculous early on. I usually alternate cleaver and masochism. Lots of yis will think they can take you but then you use masochism and his for 119 early game, and the less hp you have the more damage. Then I go back for warmogs. My goal as him is to stay in the lane no matter what. At the end game... well your useless. maybe buy 1-2 sunfire capes then atmas will give you a big damage buff, as it gives dmg based on your max hp.

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I've been playing with mundo consistently and I consider myself quite decent with him.

Get Pendant at the beginning. To spam cleaver, you're gonna need the hp regen.

The thing that slips ppls mind is that agony deals instant damage when you cast it, and it has no casting time, so what I like to do is turn it on when I see a creep with a sliver of health, for instance when your tower is pummeling them.

Last but not least, remember those players who like to hide in grass? Spam cleaver at them!
Masochism might be damaging early on, but burning agony is going to get you kills late game. I don't get masochism until I max the rest. With Mundo's sorry excuse for attack speed, it's just not worth it.

Remember, if you're lvl 5, and are at very low health, just hug your tower till you lvl up, and get that sweet sweet sadism. I usually get Warmog when I first return to base (sometimes before boot, sadism gives you a nice bonus speed anyway). After that, I just stack sunfires.

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Another tip: Mundo can stay in lane forever, and should. You seem to be recalling a lot. Only go back to purchase things when you have to, which is usually when you eventually die (rare) or get harassed to nothing and sadism was JUST used (rare). The exception to this is if you have enough gold to straight up buy your Warmogs as you want to build its stats as quickly as possible.

This allows you to maximize your xp gain while keeping constant pressure on your laning opponent, keeping them pushed away from the xp gain area. Mundo is very strong early game, so take advantage.

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Dorans shield is a much better start item for Mundo. It only differs 4hp/5 compared to regrowth pendant. ANd you can also afford a HP potion for burst regen.

Masochism with eiter Rally or Cripple = insane damage at first levels.

I always go 21 in offense tree for extra crit and crit damage.

Against weak casters you can do 2-300 damage/hit if you crit.

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Skillshots extend from your character like rectangles or squares. Rarely do you ever make a straight shot at someone. So if you're ever at an angle, realize that the corners of the shot are going to reach targets first. This isn't very important if it's just a 1v1, but should there be extra creeps or targets around it becomes very important to control your shots.

Simply: Don't aim directly at a character if they're surrounded by creeps, hit them with the corners of the shot. And universally with all skillshots: do not ever click on another character. Click on the ground.

Mundo is surprisingly handy to learn skillshots with as his cleavers have decent range, quick travel and a very fast recharge. Perfect for practicing. I usually start with ruby, the more health you have the more regen that comes with it. I generally pick up full boots before level 6, and after that you can stay in the lane/jungle almost indefinitely.