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No Report Option?

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I just played a game with a TF that raged at the team for the entire game, screaming about Akali's build, about me not pushing hard enough, about how Pantheon wasn't backdooring enough, etc, etc... I mean, an entire game of complaining. No kidding. He went AFK for a while until we threatened to report. Oh, and when the Akali stole our Miss Fortune's red buff, she went AFK until the next red buff came back up... fun times...

So after the game I went to report both of them and there is no longer the option to report if I right-click their names. I have the option to add friend or ignore player, but I'm not able to file a report about their bad behavior. So was this intentionally removed or did this get bugged out in the latest build?

EDIT: I just edited in and out the names of the players I wanted to report. That way if a support specialist sees this and can see the edited post (this is VB based, so any mod should be able to view it) I'd love for them to get a report against their names.

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07-20-2009, 09:01 PM
If you see people who are WAY out of line in the way they speak and behave, please send a screenshot to [email]harassment@riotgames.com[/email].

We WILL be banning people who are excessively offense, racist, vulgar, etc.

Do not call out players on the forums.