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Wanted: A (good) clan to join play with

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The Prophet

Junior Member


I have played since closed beta, I play a wide array of characters, I would conisder myself one of the FEW that get "game mechanics" and strategy in character teams and builds (its about winning a game not kill count). Played over 500 games so far 50/50 since the last reset on wins and loss (mainly because I hardly never end up in a pre made, I'm looking to change that.)

Ugintel On XFire,
Hit me up with any questions.

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Senior Member


port 3806

We can get you a tryout, and hopefully make you apart of the clan, regardless of the turn out, you are always welcome to come to our server and hang out for games. We have 40+ People (Not all in the clan, only few make it) at all times.