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please boost leblanc's AP ratio

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It is a well known fact that leblanc's late game is very poor. Even the people whining and *****ing know this. If her purpose is to deal damage to a single target, then please do something to boost her damage in the late game, instead of just nerfing her across the board with little to no justification outside of forum whiners. If you lower her early game damage, you can't exactly expect her to be farmed enough to even poke anyone in the late game.

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Please post in one of the >15 other LB threads.

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She has the highest AP ratios of any caster. Literally any caster.

Sion ? 2 nukes at 2.0 AP ratio. Leblank ? 0.8, 0.8, 0.6 = 2.4, + ult = ~3.4

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its funny to me atm there is no bonus for raw single target damage your better off getting a AOE that does almost the same damage or CC with same damage

every time someone gets some good single target burst the forums cry nerf that someone can do slightly better then morgs AOE to a single target.

the only single target ablitys that dont get ******edly nerf'd are tanks
cho 300 true damage rank 1 ult,
garren does over 9000 vs a 30% life enemy

cause obviously the toughest tanks need the best single target burst ... amirite?

by my logic they should balence spells a bit...

lets say you have an ability that does 500 damage single target
as it stands now if that was AOE id be 480 damage
if its dd+ self buff( cho xin) its 450 damage
if its a CC its 460 damage
if its AOE CC its 440 damage (morg, kennen annie mummy)

this is why the meta game exists cause they nerf that single target 500 to 400 and the rest from 480 to 390
and we end up with AOE cc doing 80-85% as much damage as str8 single target burst .

weres the benifit for not haveing a AoE? not being CC
( and silence is the weakest cc, compaired to supress,taunt and stun, if silence was OP then kass and cho would both be tier 1)
i my world aoe would be about 60% as good at single target and thats just not the case

untill they reward single target damage AoE will dominate
leblanc wasnt gonna "rewrite the meta game" she was just gonna counter carrys early punish that Yi for trying to flashing into the squishys in the back
leblanc isnt gonna rape everyone shes just gonna force tank players to acually pick a tank not just a caster with a good disable(mummy,galio)

i dont know, i just dont like the direction the nerf went they said eather A B C or D is broken and we should adress it

and then they over nerfed A B C D E F G H and K just incase. as it stands now at lvl 1 with a dorians ring she gets 3 spells and has 2 regen the mana for a 4th 3 spells in a tank of mana and thats her LOWEST mana spell
shes a CASTER who cant cast or your OOM

at lvl 2 she has about 330 mana 70 for q 100 for w so they go 2 harras you , ya throw 2 spells doing about 160 damage on champs with over 700+hps at lvl 1 and it only cost you 60% of your mana tank

i get it nerf her damage OR her mana OR her cooldowns not all 3 and exspect her to be playable