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Leblank vs Kass

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Dr Finn



How is Leblanc a "good pusher"? She has one AoE ability on a long cooldown, and as a mage isn't going to be doing much to towers herself.

Kass isn't a "terrible farmer" either. He's not great, and LB has an easier time last hitting in lane, but if you really want to clear a creep wave it's easy to throw a Pulse or couple ults at it.

Leblanc's biggest advantages are her higher burst and better CC. Kass is more survivable, more mobile, and has stronger AoE.

Shes not a Great pusher but shes much better at pushing then kassadin. She has range and an escape.

Kass' farming ability is that of Jungle Teemo.

Leblanks CC is barely higher. Her burst is about the same mid-late game but your right less early game.

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Senior Member


leblanc is good early and early/mid game. later in the game she's not that good...kassadin its quite the opposite. he's ok early game but you definitely do not want to run into him late game. his burst in teamfights is devastating in the hands of a good kassadin player.