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Perfect Leblanc Rebalance Idea

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Has it ever been a thought to simply make a new Ultimate for Leblanc?

None of her skills would be QQ'ed about if she didn't have "mimic" as a Ult and as a result we wouldn't have had such a overnerf. Just revert back all her changes and give her a new Ult and the problem would be solved and everyone would be happy.

Here is my idea of a new Ult for Leblanc.

Mirror Image:

Leblanc splits into 2 images and her clone will MIMIC her last spell and the next 3 spells for 12 seconds.

1.Clone will deal damage in a fashion to Mordekaiser's pet.

2.Clone spells do not silence/root/stun

3. Clone will not auto attack and will target the same target as its player.

4. Upon Death leblanc is Stealthed for 2 seconds.

5. New Ult 72 second cooldown. CDR limit of 42 seconds.

Now Leblanc would be useful in a team fight and she would only be able to spam after a extended amount of time without the double silence/snare/root.

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the real problem is they made her harras spammable Q her PRIMARY damage ability

drop q to 90/100/110/125/150 make 2nd half deal more 60/75/90/105/120(this will help later game scaleing)
switch the 2 numbers of AP scaleing(+.2 front side +.4 back side)

Make E her nuke. up damage acrost the board also remove the snare supress from it and just make it root them(they can still flash or cast)

i think the problem isnt really her damage potential at 6.
its the fact you can click click boom .
people wouldnt be in a rage if ya got double skill shot for that death. instead of just a dash click click while they run

or just lower the range on the mimic'd Q

as a side note i have a good idea for a new kind of ult, might be suited to "the deciver"
make one were it flipps a tower from the enemy team to yours for like 2-3 seconds

sure it makes diveing easy if ults up but alot of guys dive uber well already
id be fun to see someone running away to there tower just to get shot by it instead =)

it has limeted uses( would have to have a range not global, and tower would be immune to damage from your team while its "working" for you)would be awesome in the 5v5 mid stand offs worthless in 5v5 baron/jungle fights ect...

just an idea ive been kicking around..