Masteries Bug

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Ms SilentScope

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This only reared its head for a few games and then randomly disappeared mid champ select, but I was wondering if anyone else had this issue.

As with anyone, I have quite a few masteries pages. When I went to select one during a ranked game however, only six masteries showed up and worse yet, only one of them was actually mine.

It's an odd bug in that it appeared at random, and disappeared in the same fashion. It literally appeared/disappeared in the middle of champ select. I could see and select my own for the first few rounds of picks, but they changed on my turn to something else (I could still select my real ones by going to the masteries edit page though). This continued for several games up until around four games later when the bug was still present during champ select and then disappeared during the locked in period at the end. At this time, when opening the drop down during those last few seconds, the masteries changed right before my eyes from the wrong ones to my own.

As a side note for the pic...this should be obvious but I name my runes/masteries by what they are so it should be apparent which is and isn't mine. I wasn't able to see what these masteries entailed as the edit page was filled with my own. However, I have a feeling that it was only the names that have changed as the pop-up revealed similar setups to my own.

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I had this happen to me quite some time ago, I believe it was a result of looking at other peoples masteries (I believe) It went away after a restart of the client. Really all I know of this.