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{GUIDE} Effective Guide writing

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Hello, if you haven't noticed yet this guide is for those people interested in playing the new hero writing guides. I have been maining guides before League of Legends even existed. I began playing Guides in his Super Nintendo debut and I have some great tips and strategies for effective guide composition.

Guide: The Hallowed Educator

Since birth, guide has been helping the masses learn how to do things more effectively. As a child he often instructed his friends on tasks that soon made the friends capable of doing tasks that were only thought of as possible by trained professionals. The league noticed Guide's helpful abilities when he was reaching the 'tween age' and decided to recruit him in the league. Ever since, Guide has been teaching summoners everywhere how to properly conduct leaguecraft.


(Q)Section Order: Guide takes 2 seconds to compose itself and arranges itself in correct order: Introduction to guide, Introduction to hero, Suggested pre-game content (i.e. Runes, masteries), suggested move list and item list, Validation of logic, In-Game strategies and tips

This is a great move for Guide! I usually max first because it is so useful to help your noob team mates read your guide in a logical order that flows well.

(W)Your and there: Guide takes an English class and learns effective use of Your, You're, there, and their, and they're. The guide deals 30/50/100/150 (+0.5 AP) intelligence points in damage.

Another versatile move for guide. As you see, he can use Your (the possessive), You're (You Are), There (the place), Their (the possessive), and they're (They are) all in one move! Choose wisely though, the incorrect spell could cause you to overextend and die.

(E)Block-Text Dodge: No one wants to read a block of text! Guides separates it into different smaller paragraph segments and makes it easier to read for 1/2/3/4 seconds.

Great for late game, but not so much early game. Early game people just simply want the item build and what-have-you which is usually not very large text-wise. Late game when you are explaining strategies this can be very useful for the reader-aggro. Best reader taunt in the game! They will always go for you first!

(R)Originality: Guides, with his almighty brain, Thinks of a clever way to organize his guide or word the guide, so it is funny or quirky to read. Keeps enemy readers interested and they might +1 it!

Fantastic ultimate. Some would call it OP, but I think it needs a buff. In the current metagame almost no one uses it. However, a few epic players I have seen (such an condon) take a huge leap of faith by getting this ultimate. They do quite amazing with it, if I do say so myself.


Like Galio, take a traditional Tank 9-21-0 build (synergies with his E taunt) or a Mage build (9-0-21) for his decent ap ratios.

Move Order

R(if you have skill)>Q>W>E

If you don't have enough practice, I suggest only 1 point in R until you're last couple levels. W is always needed so people don't throw off your guide as some dumb riff-raff created by some uneducated 3-year-old. However, max Q first so you can at least use Guides somewhat effectively.

Item Build:

Really, You can build anything on Guides. He is such an awesome hero almost everything works on him. However, I usually run with a keyboard so I don't have to write the whole thing out by hand myself.

Early Game:

Get your starter Doran's item and head for bot. You don't want mid, because you want as many people in your lane as possible to read guides.

Try not to harass too much because you want your enemy and your allies to enjoy being around you. If you want to go for a kill, make sure you explain it in full detail by using Guides effectively.

Mid Game:

Keep their attention somehow! Throw in some random 'chuckle' material, like a picture of Alistar in a herd of cows or something.

Late Game: No one reads late game material on Guides anyway. Just put a TL;DR section. Its best to go out with a bang.

TL;DR Write Better, fools.

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Good guide. I disagree with your skill order but this guide has some good information that will be useful for people that are new to the guide. Its pretty similar to how I wrote my guide. I would suggest adding a section for good/bad allies and enemies of the guide.