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Elise Bugs (and flying spiderlings!)

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Junior Member


I've been experiencing two bugs with Elise in my games.

1st (and this one happens a lot) Elise's human form W, volatile spiderling, will disappear on cast.

1. Human form Elise
2. Cast spiderling.
3. no spidering.
4. W goes onto cooldown
5. I cry.

More often it happens when I use spiderlings to check bushes or areas with fog of war but it will sometimes happen in lane.

2nd bug.
Spider form rappel bug.

I've only had this happen twice but here goes.

1. Engage as human form Elise full combo (W - Q - E - R into spider form)
2. W and Q in spider form and enemy will stun to get away.
3. E to rappel and chase.
4. Spiderlings will rappel and Elise will turn invisible for rappel's duration. Locking camera and moving around confirms i'm on the ground but moving.
5. Rappel will end and Elise will become visible suddenly rappelling into the air and immediately returning to original cast spot.

Elise is my main for Top Lane and this is the most annoying when fighting Riven.

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AZ Frost

Senior Member


As a side note..i've noticed when elise dives a tower and the runs a corner to evade the tower shot, if she transforms she takes no damg at all...wtf is that about?