How do "you" play Gangplank?

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Originally Posted by Floffawaffagus View Post
Generally the glass cannon from hell.

Meki + 2 Hp pots
3 av blades
BF sword
wait 2230g, buy IE
sell meki, cloak of agi,
wait 2500g, Phantom's
wait 1937g, youmoo
Last Whisper
BT or survival item,
the key here is farm like no other, get the most out of av blades as well, if ur team isnt awful u will be the late game carry from hell, only paralleled by tryn
Whats runes & masteries are you running for this build?

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I go critplank i guess.

Runes are standard:
Arpen reds
Mp5/lvl yellows
CDR blues

Summoners abilities:
ghost and exhaust usually

Masteries are standard 21/0/9

Item build:
Mekei's pendant + 2xhp pots

1st bp: If gold >= 2k buy a BF sword and boots, if gold =~ 1k cloak of agility(or tears of goddess) and boots
2nd bp: work your way towards your IF, getting whatever boots your match calls for.
Then after that
Brutalizer -> ghostblade
Banshee's/GA/omen(whatever the match calls for)

Turn that tears into a manamune whenever for the extra AD boost. Alternatively you could sell your mekei's pendant loosing a negligble amount of gold and get a SotO if you really feel like you're stomping the match or just start building on other items.

Buy green elixir anytime after you get your IF.

You should have 70% chance to crit which is hell of good enough for me.

Alternatively you could farm up another IF to get an extra 80 AD and 20% crit chance so you'd have a 90% chance instead(yes I know the passive doesn't stack, but 80AD and 20% chance is amazing). If you dont really need that extra 20% crit, a blood thirster is a decent alternative to that alternative(lol) though I dislike how the bonus resets after you die.

About PD:
I don't recommend a PD mainly because the AS is a wasted stat and that its costly for what you get.

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I go offtank Critplank.

Generally, you need to Rush that IE. There is no "Denying" that (Get it? Cause he can deny?). Anyway, my basic build is.

Meki + 2pot

If I'm laning well, I'll go back for BF + boots at around 2200 (2300 nets you a ward as well, always try for a ward or two.)

If I"m laning poorly, and have to B early, I try to hang on until 1100, so I can nab an Avarice + boots (90 extra, again, is a ward. a ward is peace of mind and safe farming. Remember that.)

After that it's all about rush IE, getting boots in there if needed. If the enemy team has a lot of mages and CC, merc treads. Otherwise, I like Boots of swiftness.

After IE, I'll either get

A. Another cloak of agility + avarice (If I Didn't get avarice first)
B. Phage
C. HP Crystal (Catalyst -> Banshees if they're magic stacked, Ruby -> Spirit visage if they're well balanced, HoG -> Randuins if they're physical heavy)

Then, I get Atmas, Frozen mallet, youmuus for an endgame build of:

Frozen Mallet
Randuins / Banshee's veil / Spirit visage.

You are exceptionally tanky and still have an impressive amount of Firepower with atma's and good crit chance. Red potions and wards are always, always, always good things at any point in the game. Green potions help too.

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I play cdr plank
Brawler's gloves
Sorcerer's Shoes
Avarive Blade x5
turn one into ghostblade
sell the other 4 for a t3 item of your choice, mine is usually frozen heart for phys tank or something like infinity edge for a more PARRRRRLAY style
Pros: Lots of cash lol
Cons: starts out ok, around lvl 10 ish it's starting to get weak crit wise. after you sell your blades you're weaker for a level or three but it's lulzy

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For me i go denial gp with a crit/dmg item build which u rarely ever see yea he has alot of builds but i focus on his metagame, hes the only hero that can deny exp from the other team thru his abilities which is very very useful imo. The first wave alone if you take out the back two melee creeps(not the first it makes the creeps come together to far from my tower which if u play denial gp ur tower is ur bff early on due to low creeps on ur side), starting from your nexus towers, then proceed to take every tank creep as it comes down it underlvls and under feeds your lane which means 2 out of 5 of their heros will not be able to do much until they go to the jungle or the laning phase ends which translates into easier ganks in your lane and half their team not reaching their potential till late late game(by then it should be over with that kind of advantage), map awareness with his ult and parley critting hugely spells big trouble for a half underleveled half underfed team that fed to our carry cause of my denials, you may not get the most kills but it makes the game so much easier for everyone that you did your job as gp and can keep rolling to win after win with him.