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Turkey Farmer | 5v5 Issues

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Turkey Farmer



Ok after playing one game of summoner's rift, these are some of the issues I have encountered while playing.

1. Connection Problem

First of all, one of our players kept on getting disconnected. It was saying he didn't have the full patch downloaded even though he said he was currently running the Mac Client on 1.22.13. I believe that is the newest patch since I was able to play the game with no problems. Second, it took a long time to get into the actually game after everyone was summoning. So let me rephrase this, our loading status said summoning, but we waited for at least 4 mins, kind of ridiculous. Everything else was fine.

2. In-Game Issues

Well the player on my team was disconnecting and reconnecting like 6 times before the client let him join into the action. He was actually playing Akali and it showed a red ring around his player icon every time he disconnected and reconnected. "Red Ring" around the icon indicates he's on the enemy team, which is weird because he is on our team. So that was my first bug that I found. Well in this current game, I was playing Galio because I currently a big fan of the caster tanks at the moment and nothing seemed to be wrong with him, but the other players were having some difficulties. Since we were playing 4v5 practically the whole game we split up as everyone solo a lane and one jungle. We did well until ganking, but here comes the second bug. We had a Teemo on our team and he was soloing mid against Morgana. Morgana uses her root ability and Teemo is far behind his minions right. The skill shot ignores the minions and roots Teemo, who happens to get killed by an Olaf who comes out of the bottom bushes in mid. I didn't see it happen, but the Teemo was making such a fuss about it the rest of the game. Thats all I have for in game issues. Its kinda hard to look for gameplay issues because your trying to help your team as well.

Thats all I have for you right now. More to come in the following games I'll play tonight.