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Ideas For AP Runes?

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Hello everyone. I'm kinda stuck with deciding what AP runes to buy for my mid lane champions. The ones I usually play are:


When I usually go mid lane I am more passive than aggressive so I don't really focus too much on trades or harassing (but that doesn't mean I don't poke back) so I focus more on getting CS and gold. When I get a bit stronger than I seem to play a bit more aggressive. So what runes would be best for my playstyle?

I know some good choices are Magic Pen. Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs, and Flat AP Quints. but idk if they suite me based on how I play the game. So is this the right setup I should have or does it need some adjustments? Many thanks

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If you play passive I would buy Flat AP Quints, Magic Pen Reds, Magic Resist Blues, Magic Resist Yellows.

Then I would start with a Doran's Ring and Teleport/Flash as your summoners. So if you do get pushed out, you can just come back.

Those runes would work great for any of the above champions, except maybe Evelynn. I run Magic Pen Quints on her since I use Q to last hit, I don't really need the AP Early, and Magic Pen really really helps her % on her ultimate.

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There are several viable options. You just have to test stuff out and see what you prefer. Some common choices for each rune type:

Hybrid Pen



Hybrid Pen
Movement Speed
Spell Vamp

For Quints, MS is a popular on mids who like to roam. Almost all AP Mids are good for roaming, but if you're in doubt, the good indicators are a combination of any/all of the following: Good wave-clear, High Mobility, Strong CC, High burst damage. Every champion that you listed can be a good roamer provided you either push your lane, have your jungler cover it, or force your opponent out. The key is to try and not let the minions in your lane go to waste to the tower.

Other Quint options are viable, but less favorable if you want to be able to traverse the map better. Spell Vamp would be for if you just want to sit in your lane and farm all day, and don't plan on going anywhere. AP Quints are similar in that you use them when you're just playing for late-game, though they're more in-between. AP is also favorable if you have obscene scaling and just want to concentrate on damage.

Marks are pretty basic. The go-to is usually flat M.Pen. The times you want to use Hybrid Pen instead are champions that get a lot of auto-attacks in, such as Kennen or Diana/Akali, etc. You give up something like 2 M.Pen for, I think, 8 ArPen, which will add more damage to your rotation provided you can get the auto-attacks off.

Seals are pretty matchup dependent. If you're playing someone safe that can farm/fight from really far away, then you don't really need to bother with the defensive stats like HP/LVL or Armor, and can instead get something like MP/5. However, if your opponent (in lane, and jungler) are someone that can get to you fairly easily, then you're going to want to give yourself a few extra seconds to survive so that you can try to make it back to your tower, or to your Jungler/team, or live long enough for your spells to come back up. Which ones you use are pretty self-explanatory, I would hope.

Glyphs have a huge variety. MR and MR/LVL are pretty standard, though, once again, if you're not worried about your opponent getting anything off on you, then the extra defenses might be wasted. Between Flat AP and AP/LVL, just remember that AP/LVL catch up at level 6. This means that, if you're a mage champ that gains much of your power with your ult, then you might as well get per-level since you won't be doing that much pre-6 anyway. As for MR vs MR/LVL, the per-level of this type catch up at level 9. If you're worried about your opponent bursting you down at level 6 when they get their ult, then you should probably just use the Flat MR instead of scaling.

Other Rune options for AP Mages are pretty situational. For instance, Magic Pen Blues were popular for a while on champions who you generally build more tanky/bruiser items rather than AP, and generally just rely on their base damages (Elise, for example). CDR blues are something that you would use for a very specific build where you know how much CDR you're going to be building, and that you're going to come up X% short on it that you need to make up with Runes.

Eventually, you want to tailor your Rune Pages around what you need at what point in the game. Figure out what is killing you, and when, and get some Runes to help against that. Similarly, for offense, figure out what points in the game you have potential to make things happen, and Rune to make that more likely.

If you're limited on Runes or Rune Pages, then the setup you mentioned should get you by. I would say your highest priorities should be Flat MR Glyphs, and MS Quints to try out, and then maybe some MP/5 Yellows, since Armor is pretty situational in mid-lane.

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I run:
Magic Pen Reds
ManaRegen/5 Yellows
Flat Magic Resist Blues
Flat AP Quints.

A nice general page for Mana based casters in the Midlane, gives you everything you need. Some resist to take spells from your opponent, Sustain for spell spam and a nice early boost to your Damage.