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Riddle me this.

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There once was a CEETGEEK that cared not where he went. He was equally comfortable in every lane, since all other player's intellect was spent. Fail rhyme killed by the lazy. Moving on.

Bot lane was called by a duo who sounded confident, and top and jungle went to the next bidder. CEETGEEK went mid and sat back and watched. He decided to gank like a good little carry, but to no avail. He pulled back skillfully while the rest of his team got overwhelmed by their own mistakes.

Tell me this- how should I reflect on my own mistakes when I feel like I played the best I could with the hand I was dealt. I missed a few CS, and I am constantly improving on it, but how can I improve my teamplay when games like this are a sad constant? Do I start saying NO F&%$* YOU I'M PLAYING TOP because I can't trust anyone to hold their own weight? How does one approach these situations?