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Jungle help please!!!!!

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So I have been jungling lately with hec, vi, j4, and noc. Whenever I play against a team with a jungler I win 90 percent of the time. When im against a team with no jungle, I lose half the time. I still do good but the lanes are always lost and then people start to feed can someone please help.

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It seems to me if you go against no jungle you're of a pretty low Elo. This isn't a bad thing, it just means you're still new to the game. If you're going against no jungle, then that means there is two top.

I would personally start by giving your blue buff to the top if they are mana dependent, as this will help them still get farm and play passively from the back while they out level their opponents. Explain this to them early that you cannot gank as you could unintentionally feed them kills and put them behind. Tell them just to do your best to last hit and get to level 6, because you should both be level 6 around the same time.

Once you hit level 6, I mean immediately, go top and use both of your ultimates to secure one or two kills top. They may fall behind in farm a little bit but that lane is sharing they should have more than they do each. That kill/two kills will help greatly. They will also still be level 6 when they are level 5 since they died or had to go back.

As far as your other lanes, I would explain to them you cannot gank if they are passed the half point in the lane, and if they are just go to the enemy jungle and take all of the buffs and distribute them the best you can. All three of your junglers can do well without an early blue buff and can survive until they can make it to the enemy blue buff.

Also, since you're a very low Elo you need to be the one who wards. They won't, trust me. If you can ward and ping dangers, you will get out of your low elo faster. Take advantage of all the extra EXP you can get from their jungle, and farm you ass off. Especially with Vi/Nocturne you can clear extremely quickly especially with blue buff all of the time.

You can effectively have 6 lanes of experience to them having 4 lanes. The only way 2 top works is when top feels like they have to exchange with both top champions and end up feeding. Of course other lanes losing can contribute, but your job as a jungle is to snowball one lane and use that lane to feed yourself and that lane, so you BOTH can gank other lanes.

All in all, if you're only losing half of your games without a jungler, and winning most of your other games... then you are doing pretty good. 55-60% Win rate is good, and a sign that you are always improving.