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New League system . Flawed?

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I've only just started playing ranked this season. But have played over 3000 games in total. And this new system seems to me, to be totally flawed. Or at least bugged in my case.
(Yes I know I'm in the boat with everyone else crying about "ELO HELL&quot
I am currently in Silver V. After being placed into Silver IV and dropping down after a few bad games. I have not been able to climb out of the 0-20 points bracket for quite a while.

Now, I feel as though I am a pretty good player. I main support. Because I like the player interaction at bot. And feel it can usually make the biggest impact. I also play a pretty decent ADC for obvious reasons.

The past... Say, 20 games. Have been at a constant +4-7 per win, and a devastating -15-20 per loss. ATM I am on a hot streak. (3 games won in a row)

But feel it is all pointless. (Pun intended :P) As I know I will lose pretty much all my points at the next loss. Which will most likely, in my case at least. Be at the hands of a blatant feeder. Usually Top or Jungle IMO. Or the dreaded AFK player.

I realize this post is starting to ramble on at this point... Bare with me. : ]

I have done some reading around, various forums and such. And have a fairly decent idea of the ratings system. Hidden MMR and such. I just can't figure out what I need to do. Or how much longer I will have to endure this punishment from the new system. INB4 Get better "Hurrrr durrr"

TL;DR Hating the new system, Can't climb out of the wretched, foul pit that is ELO HELL.

P.S Hit me up on League if you want to Duo bot sometime. Always looking for decent players!