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Ranked Game Server Crash?

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Wouldn't be surprised if there's already a thread talking about this, but have any of you had this problem recently? A good friend and I duo queued today and were doing pretty well. To my surprise, my ganks were spot-on, all of our lanes were looking good, and we had gotten a good amount of kills. However, I'm about to recall from top lane when I get the infamous "attempting to reconnect" bar. I check my connection multiple times to find in normal and then frantically exit my client to try to reconnect. I get back in and my friend is also out of the game. Apparently, everyone got dced and the game never showed up in match history. We assumed the server crashed. Overall, it was really disappointing that such a good game just vanished like this. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what do you think is the cause? I'm really hoping this isn't frequent.

tl:dr Everyone got dced from a ranked game that won't show up in match history. Does this happen often?